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Bullying - October is Bullying Prevention Month
Messages from the Bowhead WhalesRecords
Salmon Runs in Washington state of the US
Incredible Energies - Thursday, 9-26-13 in Seattle, WA area
Breakthrough Success with Water and Land Blessings - Energies Outrageous
Eye of a Whale Meditation
Whales Singing to Humanity on a Thought Wave
Death and Dying, how do whales and dolphins feel about it?
Blessing and Imbuing Lake Coeur D'Alene.html
Messages from the Whales on Water Blessings
Water - the details 9/9/13
Mount Saint Helens - PowerFULL Moutnain - Power Feminine Enengies
Call to the ceatacean in Dream Time & continued water and land blessings. 9-2-13
Dolphins declared 'Non Human Status' Way to go INDIA
Humpback Whale Message - "I see your heart."
Meditation - August 25, 2013
Message from a Gray Whale along the coast of Northern Oregon - 8-14-13
Blessings Along the Oregon Coast 8-5-13
Sauvie Island Orbs - Planets Aligning 7-30-13
The Egg - July 29, 2013
Saving Yourself
Saving the Humans
The Record Keepers (Eric Ehrke)
Whales Message (Eric Ehrke)
Granny, a beautiful wise orca
Human BEings are so caught up on the surface.
Your intuitive toolbox
The white turtle
More messages
We ask you, if you really want to save us, the time is here. Save Yourself. By saving yourselves, you SAVE US ALL. Wake Up, the time is NOW
Life as an orca
Water Connects Us
Your Earth body is a microchip of the Multiverse.
Our dorsal fin represents our emotional health (Tillicum)
Hours of links to great cetacean videos


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