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Whale Communicators Presents Eric Ehrke's Communication with a Sperm Whale


The Record Keepers from the sperm whales by Eric Ehrke

We, the sperm whales want to welcome you into our humble heart. As many know the Earth Changes are in full swing and everyone has important work to do. We are very aware of these changes and are holding unity consciousness of oneness with the Divine as Earth’s conscious evolution occurs at this time.

Sperm Whales are the record keepers and hold the akashic records of Planet Earth and hold unity consciousness for all mankind from the oceans. We have incarnated from another planet many years ago to remind and hold this consciousness for Mother Earth and her inhabitants to unify their talents, abilities and hearts as one for all of future time.

It has been difficult to deal with the struggles and problems that come with dualism and man’s lack of consciousness. Loving humanity from afar has been challenging at times when the very beings we are trying to educate and unconditionally love hunt and slaughter us. We gladly accept our death on the soul level since we acknowledge our oneness with Divinity. But our personalities occasionally freak at the viciousness and cruel nature some of your species demonstrate towards whales, other aspects of nature and your own kind. Whales would never consider harming and killing one another in the ingenious ways that humans frequently do with one another.
It is time for a change, a change of consciousness, a change of heart and a change of venue. We are all embarking on love’s journey into the wild blue yonder. We are coming home of sorts due to the fact that Planet Earth and everyone on it will be evolving into another dimension of time, space and reality unknown to the world during our existence. It has taken time, effort and much dedication to the task at hand to help and do our share by holding the akashic records of love.

What are the akashic records you ask? They are a record of all the loving energy spent experiencing itself in every form. Every sun-filled droplet of the oceans and microscopic organisms within them that are experiencing their love of life in the physical form is held in these memory banks. We record the memory of the love expressed, felt and manifested. All the living form’s experiences in lifetimes of love expressed in the physical and energetic realm are consciously stored in these records.

Physical reality requires an actual location where these records must be stored in love’s embrace. The akashic records reside in our spermaceti oil and provide an explanation as to its fine quality. There is no need to feel embarrassed that we were hunted for this desirable oil where these records reside. We have always been aware of this ironic truth and admire the ingenious ways the Divine works with all creation. Please let go of any residual concern that so many of our brothers and sisters have suffered from the hunters. Humans have always wanted something from us and we appreciate the opportunity to provide.

It is our nature to love and record the world’s joyful loving expressions as frequencies encoded in our oil. For example, our experience of communicating this message and people’s reactions to it become part of the akashic records. When people take pictures of us, the joy they provide to everyone are also encoded in these records. As stated before there has to be a place in the physical world where they are stored and this is how it is accomplished.

The information in these records is not for everyone for any purpose. One must attain the proper wisdom, dedication to spirit and the Divine to access these frequencies. To download them one must reach the appropriate frequencies of intention, dedication to truth and pure intensity of desire to know the truth, seek the truth and be the true embodiment of their intended use of this information. Every being can then access these frequencies like a virtual “Spiritual Internet” whenever they want when these conditions are met.
The akashic records are located in the fourth dimension, which is why no one can measure them with today’s instruments. Right now most of humanity’s vibration hasn’t reached a high enough frequency to even access these records much less measure them. Technology will allow us to do so in the future.

It’s time for a change of consciousness for humanity, the planet and all the creatures large and small on Mother Earth. Please be part of the planet’s evolution into unity’s higher states of consciousness. We love you very much and dearly hope that you join us on our journey of discovery and exploration as to how to use all of these records and information to help speed up Mother Earth’s evolution. Welcome into our family of adventurers paving the way to these places. We might as well start using these records since we need to all evolve together.
The sperm whales have waited for a very long time for humanity’s collective frequency to reach the point where mankind truly desires peace, is fed up with what it has created and wants something different. We have prayed for and held the consciousness of peace, love and harmony throughout our existence earth and it warms our hearts to see that the human race is finally interested in creating the fundamental building blocks for any degree of happiness to one’s existence.

Consciousness is confusing sometimes because it always comes in steps. Initially people think they have things figured out and then their strategies don’t work anymore. This is the self-corrective nature of evolution at play. There is always a lesson to learn when things stop working. Always pay attention to the signs and signals when a behavior or attitude is about to expire and needs to change.
Wise individuals change direction when the time comes when they know the ways of the world. Conscious individuals look at changing circumstances, reassess what is going on and plan a new course. We see this in the ocean all the time with currents, weather conditions and predators blocking our intended path.

Change is a constant, so be flexible in life, nurture the ability to steer to daylight and listen to all of the universe’s signals that it is time for a course correction. It is not a failure of the original plan; it is just the nature of life that journeys never consistently follow a straight line.

Our navigation skill towards a life goal will improve greatly, when we focus upon our heartfelt desire and allow multiple solutions to arise in route. Let go of the prescribed mental maps of the intellect to attain the goals. It is the fool that believes they have all the answers and think there is only one way to solve a problem.

There are always many paths, alternate routes and redundant systems in nature and Divinity. Why wouldn’t we want to copy perfection by accepting the fact that it can’t be reached? When we do our best, accept that whatever happens and adjust to the changing conditions, we adhering to the sage’s wisdom used throughout the ages.

So take the time to access all the paths you walk in life and hope they have curves, circles and angles. Relish the opportunity to change any course when it suits you for this is what freedom is all about and what ancient wisdom has taught throughout time. Nature doesn’t have many straight lines that stay that way very long. Why should you?
Whether you think this message is true or not doesn’t matter. We know it is true and say it is true. So try to learn why and how our message is true. Be true to your passions; spread your loving energy to everyone and everything you meet.

All life is one family from the small and seemingly insignificant insect to the most important official you are trying to impress. Consider everyone and every living thing a representation of the Divine in the physical world worthy of respect, love and peaceful energy. Treat them all as equals and embrace them this way no matter what other people or your intellect would like to tell you otherwise.
Don’t ever think now that we would ever abandon anyone while they are alone, afraid and struggling with forces of nature. Just ask the whales for help, invoke our power and call out your desire to us. Come to us when you seek safety, wisdom or a family of friends when you are alone and afraid to go forward in you life. We will always be there for you for we are the whales of your dreams and friends who will never leave you.

Play fair, be yourself and love life like there will be no tomorrow. You are recognized as Divinity expressed in our presence. You are all honored, are in our hearts forever and the akashic records for all time.
Peace, love and harmony.

From the sperm whales and all the whales say thank you from all the oceans, every sea and every corner of the world. We honor you and bless everyone on their earth walk.


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