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Anastasia Maria produced and co created with the whales, dolphins & Mary Getten to come up with our 1st elearning DVD, Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection. This DVD contains over 5 hours of interactive learning & over 4 dozen messages from the whales and dolphins for the human race. Click here for more information on this life changing DVD.



Granny is a wise and beautiful orca that communicates with many of our Pod Mates to this day . . .


Message from a Gray Whale quoted from our elearning DVD - Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection

Our purpose is to just BE. Just to BE big, beautiful and strong. We have no great mission. We are just simple beings living our lives.
~Gray Whale Communication give to Mary & Anastasia when in production for our first DVD.

Build you intuitive skills by learning how to talk to whales, dolphins and all BEings on the Web of Life. Everyone in our world is capable of speaking our Universal Lanaguage of mental telepathly to animals, plants and other beings. It is our divine birthright. We usually stuff it and forget about it completely by the time we reach grade school. Our parents tell us children. "Jeremy, that dog did not tell you he wanted to go out and play ball with you. You have such an overactive imagination son". Or "Meghan, Mz. Powderpuff did not tell you she wants a saucer of milk before bedtime." And guess what, we come straight from Source here to this planet with this information already pre-programmed inside of us. And then we begin to forget all this as we grow older because society has different mandates on us than the natural world does. Love is the only mandate in the world of nature.

Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection - Over 5 and half hours of rich interative learning teaching you the Universal Language of the Whales, Dolphins and all life upon the Web. This elearning dvd is for anyone who loves whales and anyone who wants to learn or to improve their their telepathic skills thus accelerating their intuitive skill set. Anyone can do this. Click here for more information on the 5 hour elearning DVD.  
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