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Podner - a partner, a BEing who knows, understands and lives the way of the whales and cetaceans . . . a BEing who embodies, Love, Hope, Joy, Bliss, healthy Self Love, Healing, Spiritual Development that begins within an individual not within an religious organization (although all are welcome here, we will NOT DIVIDE by Spiritual Beliefs here, Unity Community, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Laughter, belling laughing JOY, Compassion, Peace, more healing, Divineness, Rejuvination, Renewal, Divine Ascension, a sense of responsiblity and a right action as a steward or ambassador for our Planet and all life upon the Web: especially with the confused & awakening humans upon our Planet.

Open minds open hearts. And open hearts open minds. ~Unknown

Anastasia Maria, formerly known as Staci Maria Housum

Creator, Producer, Developer and Marketer of Whale Communicators & Heart Communicators



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If you have pictures to share of whales or dolphins, a dolphin or related type business that you want to engage with Whale Communicators, please write me and tell me how we could Podner and make this a Unity Community experinece that would make the whales and dolphins proud of us humans who are the 2 leggeds here on Earth at this time. Email me at anastasia@heartcommunicators.org




I am very sad to report that these folks are not who they said they were to me. I have been attacked brutally for years now and run out of business thanks to the dark creatures in this industry. These people don't want to tell you the truth about the whales and dolphins. They want to tell you what they want you to know and believe. DISCERNMENT AROUND ALL THESE IMPOSTERS. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEBSITES - I am talking about the ways I have been attacked and almost killed. My cat was killed. DO NOT PARTNER WITH ANY OF THESE FOLKS!!



Amlas (pictured) and Atmo of Wilquest



Mary J. Getten

Her website is http://www.marygetten.com or http://www.whalecommunicators.com/mary.html

Kathleen Carr

humpback whale pictures - http://www.kathleencarr.com


Frederique Pichard and Dony



Celeste Eaton



Jennifer Parks



Captain Jim



Dawn Baumann Brunke




Chip Richards



Drienka Band of Denver


Vickie 'Belacia' Goodridge





Jane Griffith


Inger is a very talented photographer and ocean and nature enthusist and was extremely gracious to offer us the use of a few of her pictures. Inger makes her home in Norway. http://www.selvinnsikt.n

Bob Emerson


If you have been helped or inspired by our web page and Facebook pages, PLEASE HELP us continue our work with Mother Earth and within our Universe to assist all BEings in being free from suffering. Your donation will go along way for our Planet and our Universe.I live and spend money very frugally. Namaste and Thank You°❤° ~Anastasia

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