She is one of the wisest BEings I have ever communicated with. Her heart is enormous, she is compassionate and deep and willing to walk with each of us so that we can become all we were meant to be.

She is a beautiful Orca (aka Killer Whale but the orcas prefer this name over Killer Whale). She is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother and a great great grandmother. She is the matriarch of J Pod of the Resident Pods of Puget Sound. She summers in the San Juan island of Washington and travels the Pacific Ocean during the Fall, Winter and Spring months; sometimes revisitng Puget Sound.

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Granny on Captivity - - -

Captivity is a sad state of affairs for any BEing - not only the whales and dolphins, but with humans, whether during war with other nations or warring within themselves. Captivity is captivity and there are many lessons to learn from it and many who sign on for this soul lesson in their lifetime. To try to change anyone's destiny is interrupting the flow and not trusting the Universe and Source.

Letting go and trusting that all is as it is meant to be is very hard for most humans to do . . . but it is getting easier and easier because this time is unprecedented on your Planet now. The conditions are right to make this happen.

As you experienced first hand the other night when walking through brambles (as you call them) in the woods - the more you fought it the more things started to get out of control. Then you listened to the forest when it told you just this - - “Let It Flow - It will go so much easier if you allow it to flow and quit fighting it” - and immediately you path smoothed out till you were back on solid ground and encircled in the darkness of night.

Same thing happens to all energy on your Planet and within our Universe. So going with the Flow is not just a cliche - it is a way of life. How are you experiencing life now Staci, that you are not trying so hard to control it?

Staci - Lots of Laughter - hey Granny - whose asking the questions - - - - whoops that did sound a bit controlling didn't it. It goes so much easier when I allow it to flow and when I trust. And when I don't allow it to flow and to trust - it is very uncomfortable in my heart and within my person.

Granny - Good, you are on your way. Keep practicing and soon it will become so ingrained within your energy field you won't have to think to make it flow.

Staci - One thing I have not been flowing with on our Facebook Page with the hearts that come to share yours and the cetaceans messages with us Granny - is Activism - the energy makes me very uneasy - the dysfunction of it (not all people - but many just makes me very uneasy) Do you have anything you want to share about this?

Granny - With your conditioning early on in life as you yourself have said many times - that you can smell and taste a person's dysfunction - that you feel this without even wanting to. And it is very understandable why you shy away. Humans are good at saying what others want to hear or what they think is the right thing to say. Too many humans have confused these ways of communicating with each other for love and coming from the heart. Yet they skip right over the basics - - - that they are no longer in their heart and trusting in their relationships -their ego is operating full force now and decisions are made without using the heart and when this happens everyone loses - especially the animals. When humans disconnect like this they are not trusting in their Relationships but they are NOT trusting in the Universe and not trusting in Spirit. The Spirit that is the Source of all things on this Planet and the Spirit that grows within each individual . . . the Spirit of an individual needs to be tended to just like you would your Garden. It needs the proper seeds being planted, the proper love and nourishment given to the seeds, weeding as their space becomes too crowded and the weeds become too invasive (like some humans) and most of all lots of Sunshine and more Love. Without as you like to say 'diligent work' the Spirit does not thrive to it best capabilities. Anything can grown in these conditions . . . But it is the ones who are nurtured, loved and given the extra tender loving care that come out ahead of the game each and every time. And this in not just on your Planet - it is within the whole Galaxy. It is the fiber that weaves the tapestry of life together for all life EVERYWHERE.

Staci - Reading back over you last paragraph I noticed you didn't say anything about weed killer or other chemicals to put into you garden, why is that?

Granny - You are funny Staci, you know why - because they are not needed in one's garden of life - chemicals and toxins are a human invention - their is nothing these things can do for ALL good - There is a negative and adverse reaction for every action they perform. Humans began using these things to save time and to save crops and yes to make more money on their crops that were yielded. Mankind got away from loving their gardens and spending hours on end in them - loving them - handling them gently, watering them and giving these wonderful happy joyful loving energies to the plants. And as everyone who has done any regular gardening will tell you, these things make a huge difference on Plants. Now apply this to the human Spirit.

Staci - okay I am taking you words and word-smithing them to fit with our inner Spirit - - - When humans put chemicals or alcohol into their bodies - these toxins (human inventions) there is nothing these can do that will produce good although it may feel good for a few hours - the adverse and negative effect to the human spirit are a very high price for the human spirit to pay for a few hours. Humans began using these things for various reasons to cope in a world that is speeding up and being driven towards profits only. A lot of things got lost in the cracks. When humans had more times to spend in their gardens and homes and with their loved ones - their energies were much more vibrant and vital and so were the energies of those around them. And when we love our Spirit like we love a good organic garden - the end result is so much better.

Granny - Not bad, but I might add that it is not the humans fault for this all beginning to snowball and pile on top of each other and all around you. There has been so much help from other forces on your Planet who controlled this for you. This is what has kept so many sleeping and not able to awaken. The repetition was driven home in so many ways to everyone - first through your media organizations - news, TV, magazines, mail. It got so repetitious that everyone began committing it to memory and this has become their gospel (as some will call it) And I deliberately use the word gospel - Because Gospel is a Human Made invention - Spirit is a loving benevolent energy and doesn't need a gospel or a name to sum it up. Spirit spreads through you and me and our Universe in gentle flowing loving ways. There is no room for harshness, pain, anger, angst or fear when things are in the flow. It is really quite simple but humans have believed this complicated fallacy that has been repeated to you over and over and over again for ions of time.

Staci - Do you have any recommendations for the way I should handle this going forward in the future?

Granny - Some forms of activism are very good and bring huge awareness on your Planet- and when anything is lead from they heart and when Humans stay in their hearts with their intentions anything is possible. So you are not near as stressed as you have been in the past . . . and your time is more your own that it has been in the past. What i recommend that you do is let people come to you with their ideas of making the world a better place and be very selective about who you team with and promote through your Whale Communicators (and others should apply this to their life's passion or work. And let others know that you will not partake of anything that slams the door shut on communication with others who think differently - - - that all avenues will be explored for the best possible interest of the PLANET - not for individual's individual bank accounts - and this is the major factor distorting this in your world now. Too much money and it's uses being misallocated. Too much dishonesty and covering up - - - even for those who say they are fighting for the good of all the whales or dolphins. If all humans can't have transparency then a question others might start asking themselves is what are they hiding. Because when one is transparent and going with the flow - there is absolutely nothing to hide. And things begin to resonate and harmonize and these sounds help with the flow of energies in beautiful ways - - - just as blessings to the oceans, Mother Earth and to others do.

Staci - You are amazing Granny - I am always so lifted when I speak to you.

Granny - Staci you are amazing - you have come a long way lady - Congratulations on Empowering yourself, I know how difficult this has been for you and we all have been rooting for you and cheering you on from the sidelines. You see when you are out with your camera taking pictures of the orbs, night spritzes or energies as some will call them - We are a part of this - because We ARE ALL truly ONE. When you walk in the woods and connect with nature - we are with you then as well - our energy flowing in and out and gliding in peaceful swirls. Your deceased loved ones come and go here as well in the flow. We all do so much on this side to get your attention and to get you to find your Joy and Bliss. I wish you could see us sometimes supporting you with love and laughter and cheering you on. This is why your hearts open up so much in nature, it is because you are in the flow with all the dimensions of the Universe. Not just this round Planet you have been told it it. You have energies from all over this Universe and other Galaxies coming in and out of your energy field - helping to heal you with love and nourishing your heart.

Staci - You are doing it again Granny, reading my thoughts from my walk this afternoon? I love when you do this . . .

Granny - I am highly invested in you Staci - of course I would be with you in the woods today - you see I travel through many dimensions and I when I know you are up to something where I can be of service to help move you along - I come to your dimension and where you are and I share my light and my knowledge to help you grow and blossom so that you can be all you can be. It is the way of Universe that has been sealed up and strapped down for much too long on this beautiful Planet.

Staci - You said something key here that makes me back away from the activism - When people are in pain about what is happening to the Whales and Dolphins or our Planet and when they expand that pain and lay it out on others and then snap at them when they don't get the response they want - I recoil - That energy is stifling to me and does not encourage growth of any kind.

Granny - I couldn't agree with you more Staci - that is not love - that is pain and fear. We don't bring this to you to help to heal you - We don’t judge that energy and we transmute it and make it loving energy and flow it back out there to the Universe. We don’t need to judge it - Why? What purpose could it possibly serve humanity?

Time for bigger changes int he world and time to get out of all the details. Time to let Nature and Spirit take us to the next level. The Land of Retributition and Reconciliation . . . yes you heard me right Staci the Land of R&R.

There will be parties coming to your Planet that will have all this set up for each human beings. The pathway to finding out the directions you need to take will come specifically straight from your heart. The way to your heart and understanding, learning and becoming practiced adn accomplished at the language of animal communicaiton - - - - Click here for more information on Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection elearning DVD - Over 5.5 hours of all things whales, dolphins and opening your 6th senses to mental telepathy.




Granny is a wise orca who is the Matriarch of J-pod, the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound in Washington state of the US.

Granny is estimated, by science, to be over 100 in human years. She is a wise BEing who lives in many dimensions. A multi-dimensional powerhouse of love and laughter and taking you places in conversations you had never dreamed of before.

She loves conversing with humans and opening human hearts to the magic of life.


♥(◠‿◠)♥~ ❥♡❥ ~ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~♥♡♥~ ♥(◠‿◠)♥


Granny is a wise orca who is the Matriarch of J-pod, the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound in Washington state of the US.

Granny is estimated, by science, to be over 100 in human years. She is a wise BEing who lives in many dimensions. A multi-dimensional powerhouse of love and laughter and taking you places in conversations you had never dreamed of before.

She loves conversing with humans and opening human hearts to the magic of life.


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