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The Whales’ Message (in their own words) by Eric Ehrke


The Whales’ Message (in their own words) by Eric Ehrke

We are the guardians of the sanctums of the earth and the singers of the songs for Mother Earth. While the birds sing their love songs from the land, the whales and dolphins sing from the oceans. This has been true since the beginning, and we gladly accepted the joy and responsibility to sing so that Mother Earth could hear her love songs sung back to her from the oceans. It’s only natural for the Divine and spirit to sing love songs back to everyone.

We come to you today to invite everyone to join us, for we long for more company to anchor unity consciousness into our shared planet. It’s time for humanity to stand beside us as we ask you to start teaching your children what we’ve known for some time.
Did you enjoy our ambassadors, who let you know we heard your song? It’s our pleasure to express our appreciation, and we would like to ask you to teach everyone you meet about the spiritual truth of reflective mirroring since it holds one of love’s secrets.
People and anything in life or creation can lose their connection to the whole, the Divine, and love in general. Everyone needs someone or something to reflect love, gentleness, and kindness in return, to let their intellect and ego surrender to this splendid truth.
Whales know that the Divine exists. We feel Divinity in every ounce of our being and swim with this awareness every day. This is the reason we’re so gentle, forgiving, and tolerant, despite the many atrocities that have befallen us; as you are aware, we’ve lost many generations of brothers, sisters, and babies through whaling.

This is mentioned not to lament our fate but to pass on an opportunity for humanity to drink from love’s chalice. These tragedies have occurred, but there is a much deeper spiritual truth. It doesn’t matter if we become extinct. But it does matter if our message of love, gentleness, power, and fortitude becomes extinct.

We need humans to hold these virtues so close to your heart that you live, become, and teach these virtues to everyone you meet. Become strong, rich in reserves, and tolerant of others’ ignorance. Stand steadfast in your courage to hold this light for the universe and become the Divine’s mirror reflecting light and love to everyone around you. Put to rest their soul’s wandering desire to meet the Divine or some incarnate aspect of it on this beautiful earth. Touch someone’s soul so they desire to reflect to someone else the same virtues that you possess. This is the message of the whale.

We sing our love songs because it is our joy and purpose to love. If these words touch your soul, it is our fondest joy to inspire you as a loving reflection. Join us and reflect your joy and virtues to everyone you meet. Sit back and watch the world respond to you in a similar fashion. It may take time, but this is the nature of life on earth.

Patience with love is more powerful than any force in the universe. The willingness to be who you are because you couldn’t be anything less, no matter what is happening—even extinction—is the path of the mystic (many spiritual masters have lived this kind of life on earth as well). It is not the death of the individual or species that matters the most.

We know that we are one with the Divine and easily go on to our next physical expression. But the death of the virtues held sacred by us—the love, gentleness, power, and fortitude mentioned above—would be the deepest tragedy. For then our reflection, purpose for being, and message would not have been heard or understood. This would sadden us the most.

Please consider learning more about our message about reflective mirroring and pass it on to the generations of humans to come. We look forward to working with humanity as partners and ambassadors of the Divine’s love to reflect these qualities to help awaken everyone’s Divine nature.

The Divine isn’t “out there”; it’s the quality of our soul. We are just reflections of the Divine ourselves, spreading the joy of our expression for the short time we have on earth. Don’t waste time ignoring your soul’s longing to return to love, peace, and harmony.
Be love, peace, and harmony within yourself and with others on earth. Live your dreams now, for there is no other way. Spread your love around while we cheer you on and celebrate with you. We breech for fun because the powerful display of strength inspires awe for ourselves and anyone witnessing our joy. When you sing, dance, and express your passionate, loving energies within, the world will sing, dance, and reflect them back to you in return.

Love, peace, and harmony

The Whales

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