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Orca Communication with Nancy Windheart  

When I connected with the Orcas and asked them what they wanted to communicate to me and to other people, I was taken to a large pod and "introduced" to several of its members. They communicated that they wanted to show me about pod life, and about the physical, emotional, and spiritual structure of their families and community. 

The communication was a journey--an "out of body" experience for me as I merged with the Orcas and their pod--somewhat like a shamanic journey but in what felt like "real time". They integrated my energy into their pod and took me for a "wild ride"--swimming at great speeds through the ocean, surfacing, diving, breaching, feeling the tremendous power and vibrancy of their group.

I was introduced to several individual Orcas: An elder female, several decades old; a "middle aged" male, and several juveniles. The Orcas showed me in great visual detail the energetic and physical connections between the individuals in the pod.

I saw a great sphere of light/energy, which contained every color in the spectrum...and within that sphere, each Orca was connected to each of the other pod members with strong beams of energy and light. The entire structure looked like a great, multi-dimensional piece of sacred geometry--containing many more facets than I have been able to previously perceive.

The structure was both crystalline, energetic, and comprised of light--radiantly beautiful and also very solid-feeling: physical, visceral, and tangible.

The Orcas of this pod shared,

"This structure is the foundation of our pod and our relationships with each other. Within it, there is a complete exchange of energy, communication, love, information....all we need as a group to live in harmony with each other. As we swim, this matrix of energy that we hold between our physical bodies carries us through the ocean, and transforms and transmutes all that we encounter. This structure is the physical, energetic, and spiritual depiction of Pod Consciousness.

This is the teaching for the humans: You have the ability within your families and communities to become aware of your own parallel type of energy exchange and group/pod consciousness. Your biology is different and your ways of living are different and in accordance with your own species....but you can and do have a similar type of energy and power that connects you to each other.

As you become aware of this, and utilize it, you will find that your energy exchanges with each other are easier and more fluent; your ability to understand and communicate telepathically, your ability to heal and transform your surroundings and your habitat will strengthen...as you feel this structure of energetic bonding between you, your strength and awareness as a species will evolve.

Many of you have an idea that you must be always independent of each other. This is where we can teach you. As you begin to live more as a pod--interconnected and independent, you will find that your strength and ability as both as individuals, and as a collective, will intensify.

Many of you are concerned about our physical well-being, and the disruptions to our lives and the physical deaths of some of our pod members as the result of human interference in our habitat. We greatly appreciate and honor your love, caring, and concern for us. We are thankful for all that is being done to assist us.

And, we also want to communicate that we are aware of many other layers of this experience for us as a species, our pods, and individual members whose bodies may have been hurt or killed. We are not victims. We live with full awareness of our mission here on earth at this time.  Our spiritual awareness extends beyond this particular physical "time and place."  There is no division between "bad" and "good"--it is all part of the vast expanse of the "ocean", the waters, of life...life with no beginning and no end.

As you hold the awareness of your own "Pod Consciousness" within the context of your own species, you will see that you are also able to hold this understanding of wholeness, of good/evil, life/death, peace/violence being all facets of the same ocean of consciousness, awareness, and understanding. From this place of awareness, your world, and ours, has the ability to transform into something more beautiful that you can imagine.

We will assist you as you assist us. We are deeply aware of our interconnectedness with the human species...and the time has come to take this interrelationship between us to its next level of evolution. Join with us and we will also join with you! "

Nancy Windheart
Animal Communication and Healing: “Communication-Inspiration-Transformation”
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