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I have been very heavy in my heart the past few days. I keep getting messages from the Native American Spirits in this area. Since I moved here last month, I am being reminded to be more aware and to sing my song and to talk about things that have not been kosher to talk about. in our world.

Like Genocide.

Genocide is "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Click here for more info

The atrocities that the white elite served upon our Native Americans and Indigenous people all over our World. Invading their land, taking it as their own, bringing in alcohol and bibles to help the conquered individuals live with what was stolen from them and what they were now allowed to practice and worship in their lives. Forcing them to live a life that was chosen for them from the white elite. Taking over the land and giving them a small patch that they could remain on. In my country, America, they called them Reservations. hmmmm, interesting choice for a name

Wake Up World - Wake Up

How much longer will we all lie sleeping while innocent people are being wiped off the face of the Earth by "the white elite"?

And here in our world today it still goes on. It happened in Iraq, Camboia, Darfur, Rwanda, and the Sudan to name just a few. It is happening in Syria right now under our very noses: on our watch. Our US planes - our funding - our weapons - killing innocent souls and it is all about controlling the substance known as oil that is abundant in this area. It has all been tied to material gain for the white elite throughout the ages.

In the US they talk about how successful the war has been and not too many troops killed - yet they never mention on our major broadcasting stations run by "the white elite" about the massacre of men, women and children in these countries we are invading all in the name of peace making. An ugly and nasty stain that gets mentioned from time to time but for the most part goes on ignored on our watch.

Please don't take what I say as truth; filter it through your own heart do your own research for every country in our world. Let me help you begin your research here - Click here

This is a very powerful video. I don't care for the introduction and stoking the fires. Nor do I believe infighting fire with fire. An eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind. We have to be peacemakers from our heart at all times. This is the only thing that will invoke great change. Like water that flows over rocks, it gets the job done by a slow steady flow. The content of this speakers conversation is jaw dropping. The world needs to hear this. The genocide of races has got to end. Click here for a very powerful video about the Iraqi occupation. If you are an American, are you really okay funding our government to make these decisions on our behalf?

So as I connected with the Humpback Whales, a very big spirit of a whale greets me knowing how heavy my heart is and knowing I need some wisdom to help me make a difference and to show others how they too can make a difference in our World. ~Anastasia


Message from Darfur


Humpback Whale Communication with Anastasia Maria


Anastasia to the Humpback Whale - Thank you for showing yourself to me and for coming to me today to help me figure out answers to these things.

Humpback Whale - I see your heart and I hear your cries. We hear all the human cries that go out to the Universe. We love you humans so much and it is difficult to watch and understand how so many of your kind remain untouched and unfazed by what is happening around you in your world every day. So many of you have picked lives of money, wealth, gain and material things and it has exhausted resources on your Planet and it has exhausted your spirit trying to keep up with everyone else and stay on top of the consumerism that has captured and bedazzled your masses.

You are right when you say Anastasia that television is one of the worst things that you can energetically do for yourself daily. It puts out erratic energies that confuse you human and keeps you in an unfocused and unsettled state. It makes it more difficult for you to see through all the smoke screens that are constantly placed in front of you. The materials that come through these electronic boxes you worship poison your minds and shut down your hearts. The programming that the powers that control your Planet use to carry messages to you through these electronic boxes cause you to stay stuck and to stay immobile. In effect it dulls all your senses, it dummies down your intelligence and it causes your Spirit to dissipate.

Humans, must get outdoors now whether it is winter or summer in your region. There are so many wonderful energies hitting your Planet in recent years gaining momentum with each full moon. There is so much to be absorbed by the human spirit when in nature amongst the animals and insects and plants and trees. This is a gift that many of you never even take notice of.

By staying indoors attached to your electronic boxes, you are moved towards anger, aggression and hopelessness. These are all ways you have been manipulated to be made powerless and to stay small. When you are connected with the outdoors and nature, you view all of life differently. When you can talk the Universal language that the whole Universe speaks, instead of the limited language that has replaced this robust Universal Language, you continue to stay small and are very easily lead. But by opening up to the Universal Language of mental telepathy or as some in your world call it Animal Communication. You are not only opening the door to another language which every human being on your Planet is capable of relearning - but you open yourself up to many facets of life that you never realized existed in your world. That have been hidden and distorted throughout your history.

It has been very important for the powers that have controlled you for ions of time to keep you very small in thought, to keep you enslaved to working long hours to keep up what they have called your standard of living. The have used these electronic boxes to manipulate your minds and to get you buying into their way of your existing on this Planet. It has been a way that has kept you small and limited in all that is available to everyone upon your Planet.

Fighting and warring is a great deterrent for the controllers to make you upset, angry and keep you in fear. When they have you in this place - they win - you are distracted - you are ineffective to make real energetic changes because you are stuck in fear and anger. When you walk away from these electronic boxes and connect with the world as it has been from the beginning of time, in it's natural state, you begin to open doors that have long been shut or possibly permanently shut to you thus far in your lifetimes.

You begin to awaken to a world that holds great promise, great opportunities for all life. You begin to understand your connection to each and every living BEing within your Universe. You begin to understand what was the original intention and creation for your heart Planet: Planet Earth. A place where life grows rich and people get along and learn from each other regardless of color or income. You get to know about people of different cultures and different attributes and the richness of what this diversity can bring to the wonderful heart planet. This doesn't take away from your own existence as you have been lead to believe, it enhances it. As a matter of fact, it makes your hearts richer, it makes Mother Earth and all her inhabitants so much richer. Enriched with the true life energy of our Universe - not the phony ones that come through your electronic boxes promising you wondrous things that never quite fill the void deep within you.

This is a wonderful opportune time to polish that facet of the diamond that only you can bring forth to this Planet at this time. We all need you light and need your sparkle to move this all forward for the benift of all the human race not just a select group.

We ask you humbly and quite seriously to remove your electronic boxes from your life, get connected to the Web of Life, and discover the inner riches of life. From this place within yourself, you have the power to do great and immense things for your Planet. The time is now - put your energy where it is most needed . . . In moving mankind forward and dissolving the old ways of hatred, anger, separation, confusion and disillusion.

When one of your brethren suffers, we all suffer. It is the energetic interconnection of life. There is no way around it. The only way around it is going right through it, eyes wide open with a heart full of love and Unity the end goal for all.

We watch you all from afar and sometimes up close. We know the majority of you love us and want to see us remain on your Planet. We ask you, if you really want to save us, the time is here. Save Yourself. By saving yourselves, you SAVE US ALL.

Wake Up, the time is NOW.