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Orca Communication with Shannon Rise River Murray


“Water Connects Us”
I decided to venture to my local beach to sit by the water to communicate with Orcas. I found a beautiful spot near the incoming tide that was just me, the sand and the breath of the water flowing in, flowing out. I called in the 7 Directions to center myself and connected my Root chakra to the center of the Earth and my Crown chakra to the Cosmos. I created the communication space as a beautiful turquoise orb surrounded by gold.
Question:  Is there an Orca or group of Orcas that would like to communicate with me today?

A magnificent Pod Family of Orcas appeared all around me in this space. I asked how is your Pod today?
“We are peaceful. We are holding a vibration of Love. We are in southern Australia. We know our purpose and we feel unique in that we can be our purpose individually and as a group family Pod.
Q: Is there anything you need today?
“We don’t focus on ‘need’. We focus on what makes us grow as a family: what we enjoy and how each of us is able to express that in our own unique ways. Need isn’t a question that comes up often. But we need what everyone needs – clean home, food that is nourishing, connection to the stars and Sun and the freedom to Be.”
Q:  Do you have a message for Humanity today?
“We don’t think of ourselves as “Killer Whales”. We see ourselves as “KiloWatts” of Energy generating in/towards becoming Love on a bigger plane. This energy is accessible in the Grid for all to tap into.
Humanity needs to supply this Love into the Grid or Network. Negative emotions destroy the gridwork. Confusion, violent thoughts terrorize the Planet. Focus on the Grid. Add to and energize the Grid. The Grid is amplified by Water- on all levels of [Water’s] being:  elemental, emotional, consciousness, awareness. The ‘Plasma’ [they are showing me plasma is the substance that holds the grid’s energy together] is activated by utilizing and plugging into the grid of Water. Touch, taste, listen, be near Water to amplify. Humanity is behind in supplying the Grid with Love. Has been supplying with Fear.
Amplify [your] Human love with Water to catch up, accelerate, and learn from us. If you can swim with us, you can learn and be with us. We would love that! Imagine yourself being able to swim fast and strong with us. To understand our clicks and calls, our songs that unites us. Imagine having the power of an Orca! And the power of an Orca in community with other Orcas!! Powerful infused by Love. Grace and God/dess in Action. This energy draws others into your swirling Vortex and helps them heal and transmute and change.” (At this time, I had been alone on the beach and suddenly two women appear at my right, giggling. They jumped into the cold San Francisco Bay waters! With so much courage and joy. The timing was so amazing!)
Q:  Do you have a message for us on Autumn Equinox?
“Autumn -- a beautiful time of Equality. Equals. Balance. Explore your heart and feel the depths of what ‘Equality’ means. Especially among all species. Enjoy each other. Celebrate each other. Celebrate how the Earth in all Her majesty and grandeur celebrates you! Realize your proportion in relationship. How are you relating to other humans, species, planets, galaxies? Find your center and join the Dance.”
Q:  What does Humanity need to evolve?
“Keep moving towards Balance. Balance is not stable and still. Balance is dynamic and moving. Water shows us this by constantly being in motion. Conscious motion. Move just by breathing. But breath with awareness of your cells receiving and releasing. Be aware of the exchange. Slow down your rampant, repetitive thinking by coming more into the body and breath. Feel, move with intention. This connects the body-mind on a cellular level that will make Equality, Evolution more easy, graceful and fun!
Find community. However you can with other people, species, elements. We must recommend that you engender yourselves to others. Human to human will spread Love at a deeper, quicker pace. Evolution is asking you to do this. And engender yourselves to us, other species. Spread Oneness, especially into the Grid. This is a moment in Time that is why we are here. Why we all came. RSVP for the Party! You are the Party! We are the Party! Everyone is the Party! It’s about enjoying as much as you humanly can and as often as you can. You transcend levels of Consciousness when you do!”
Thank you so very much beautiful Family of KiloWatts! Thank you for connecting with me in this space and delivering messages to Humanity. Promise: I will love through the Water and I will share this with others!

Shannon Murray 
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