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water blessings

Your Water and Land Blessings At Work




Chinook Salmon (pictured above) is one of the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound (Granny and relatives) favorite foods. They love this!!!

We are having a record run with salmon this year in Washinton state of the US. They have not seen the likes of this some Makah fishermen told me for over 25 years. I was smiling to myself with this information and thinking about all the krill that continues to bring the Blue Whales closer to the California shore lines and keep our cetacean friends coming to locations that they are not usually seen in numbers like this and feeding.

I asked the Spirit World, "Is this you taking care of our animals while all this is going on in our world? Is this you insuring that they will have food and have a better chance of making it through all this? Spirit replied loud and clear stating, "No, my dear daughter, it is because of the land and water blessings you and others are doing all over the earth. It makes a huge difference in our world. Please continue and inspire others to do this with you. We love you and we thank everyone for their concerted daily efforts, they are making great change upon your Planet now and greatly assisting the Spirit World and the cetaceans with their planetary work as well. Thank You."


Picture above was taken by Capt Jim of Mayas Whale Watch