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A conversation with an Granny about surplus salmon


Last year in Washington state we had a fantastic salmon run. They said it was like it use to be back in the early 60s. I asked Granny if this was God's way of helping the whales and all life in the ocean. I was shocked yet not really surprised to have Granny respond, "This is because of the work you are doing and so many others around the world blessing the land and waterways of our world. Nature is thrilled and reflecting this back to you and to us, the recipients. Thank You, please keep it up and share with others to do the same. ~Granny conversing with Anastasia in Fall of 2013





If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Masuara Emoto,and his incredible research on water crystals then you will need to research his work now and feed your heart and soul. You will know this information on a deeper level. It will resonate with you if you are a transformer and here to work with Mother Earth. You won't ever look at water the same. it will change you in some way shape or form. It has changed the way I live my life now and how I treat this precious lifeforce of our Planet. ~Anastasia Maria


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  Everything upon the Web of Life is connected . . . through water and through their own root systems. . . EVERYTHING



Human consciousness can go through anywhere
Good water can go through anywhere
Good music can go through anywhere
The combination of the 3 of them can cure anything.

For all our Podners who are blessing the water and land masses daily upon our Planet. This is an article you all must read it will inspire you and your water blessings . Click Here to read notes from one of Dr Emoto's workshops

Even storm systems can be vastly improved and even completely dissapated or transformed through the love of water and continued water and land blessings.

So when it storms, get outside and begin calling to the heavens and to your Spirit Guides and your cetacean armies and ask them to help you imbue and energize all this beautiful energy that is being transformed upon our Planet - NOW at this time in our history.






The Wonderment of Water and the God Consciousness

  "Humanity needs to supply this Love into the Grid or Network. Negative emotions destroy the gridwork. Confusion, violent thoughts terrorize the Planet. Focus on the Grid. Add to and energize the Grid. The Grid is amplified by Water- on all levels of [Water’s] being: elemental, emotional, consciousness, awareness. The ‘Plasma’ [they are showing me plasma is the substance that holds the grid’s energy together] is activated by utilizing and plugging into the grid of Water. Touch, taste, listen, be near Water to amplify. Humanity is behind in supplying the Grid with Love. Has been supplying with Fear.

Amplify [your] Human love with Water to catch up, accelerate, and learn from us. If you can swim with us, you can learn and be with us. We would love that! Imagine yourself being able to swim fast and strong with us. To understand our clicks and calls, our songs that unites us. Imagine having the power of an Orca! And the power of an Orca in community with other Orcas!! Powerful infused by Love. Grace and God/dess in Action. This energy draws others into your swirling Vortex and helps them heal and transmute and change.”


It makes an immense amount of difference to all BEings who live in the water when we take time to sit and pray, meditate, send healing energies, or spend this moment in whatever way you choose to celebrate and uplife Mother Earth and all her land masses, waterways, planets, animals and mineral and don't forget the whales and dolphins and all the other animals and benevolent ETs in the water and on land..

This can take as little as 5 mintues a day and beginners have the best luck at this and can see amazing results..


If you are not sure what we are talking about. It can look like the following:

"I call upon, our Father, the Source of all things beautiful and of the highest vibration, sometimes I call him God but that limits the enormit of this one. And so many people are being fooled and calling upon false Gods these days - so I want there to be no mistaken that I work for the one and only Most High benevolent beautiful Father. I also call upon my high self (holds the wisdom of all my lifetimes). i call upon all the whales and dolpins and other benevolent spirits who I work with doing land and water blessings.I make a point to emphasize when caling in my healing and great translformaiton team that everyone we work with is benevolent of HEART and work wiht and for our Creator - nothing less than this can participate in our work. I call upon all benavolent spirit guides, animal guides, recent ancestors who have passed, the high self of all the planetary healers of our Universe, all benevolent ETs of our Universe who are aligned with our Father. All of Cetacean Nation in the etheral world or on Planet EArth to join me as I imbue the waterways and land masses & and all living benevolent BEings with LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, HOPE, COMPASSION, RENEWAL, REBIRTH, REGROWTH AND MORE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Envison the water shining with healing crystals of all these wonderful energies time releasing our Father's beautiful magic as we recreate our heaven upon Earth and within our Universe and eradicate the darkness.

See the rain and precipitation from the skies imbued as well - showering their wonderful blissings all over mankind and enveloping our cetaceans and our ocean life in the warmest fuzziest blanket of Love. Bless all water that leaves your home and goes into our sewer system the same way, healing everything in its way and leaving a high vibrating impression of love and healing.

Invision people hearts opening wide as this is happening and more love, peace and prosperity entering into their world now.

And so it is . . .

Anastasia, Whale Communicators | Heart Communicators


And SO IT IS Pod Mates ღ¸☆´♥☮ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ☮♥♡❥´´¯`•☆.¸¸. ི♥ྀ ><(((*>♥



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