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It makes an immense amount of difference to all BEings who live in the water wehn we take time to sit and pray, meditate, send healing reiki energies, or spend this moment in whatever way you choose to celebrate and uplife Mother Earth and all her land masses, waterways, planets, animals and minerals. Not just the whales and dolphins. And it takes as little as 5 mintues a day.

If you are nt sure what we are talking about. It can look like the following:

"I call upon, our Father, the Source of all things beautiful and of the highest vibration, sometimes I call him God but that limits the enormit of this one. And so many people are being fooled and calling upon false Gods these days - so I want there to be no mistaken that I work for the one and only Most High benevolent beautiful Father. I also call upon my high self (holds the wisdom of all my lifetimes). i call upon all the whales and dolpins and other benevolent spirits who I work with doing land and water blessings.I make a point to emphasize when caling in my healing and great translformaiton team that everyone we work with is benevolent of HEART and work wiht and for our Creator - nothing less than this can participate in our work. I call upon all benavolent spirit guides, animal guides, recent ancestors who have passed, the high self of all the planetary healers of our Universe, all benevolent ETs of our Universe who are aligned with our Father. All of Cetacean Nation in the etheral world or on Planet EArth to join me as I imbue the waterways and land masses & and all living benevolent BEings with LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, HOPE, COMPASSION, RENEWAL, REBIRTH, REGROWTH AND MORE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Envison the water shining with healing crystals of all these wonderful energies time releasing our Father's beautiful magic as we recreate our heaven upon Earth and within our Universe and eradicate the darkness.

See the rain and precipitation from the skies imbued as well - showering their wonderful blissings all over mankind and enveloping our cetaceans and our ocean life in the warmest fuzziest blanket of Love. Bless all water that leaves your home and goes into our sewer system the same way, healing everything in its way and leaving a high vibrating impression of love and healing.

Invision people hearts opening wide as this is happening and more love, peace and prosperity entering into their world now.

And so it is . . .

Anastasia, Whale Communicators | Heart Communicators

And SO IT IS Pod Mates ღ¸☆´♥☮ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ☮♥♡❥´´¯`•☆.¸¸. ི♥ྀ ><(((*>♥


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QUESTION: How can I get more in touch? I often wonder how far my happily charged water gets after I transform it and send it back down the drain. I feel Mother Earth and see her in every day action and we connect, but I often wonder about how that water did and my friends in the deep blue. We have also been blessing our local water supply and I sincerely think the water tastes sweeter for weeks after, but maybe it's just me. I should meditate on this more. The neighborhood cats haven't had much to say to me lol. ~Melissa E



ANSWER: We can get more in touch very easily in theory . . . but hard in this rat race of life we have going here on our Planet at this time (Augu 2013). By getting quiet and going within. . . . . . just BEing as they whales and dolphins tell us often. By doing this in nature amps it up tremendously for me. By water - - - - ooooh la la - water is a healing agent. It holds the Spirit Consciousness (God Consciousness). So wonderful to be by water while we are doing these water and land blessings. Even if it is just a little puddle of water. And if you find yourself totally without water, lol, honestly, I would be blessing the water in the commode ever time I used it and I would imagine all the water that I allow to pour down any drains has a water blessing that continues to work on the sewer systems of my city connecting in its flow of energy all the cities around me. See that energy flowing out into the Web of Life.

The whales and dolphins are lighting up this Web as we speak. The animals of our Planet are involved in some way shape or form on transmuting and transforming these energies. The human race needs to all get on board or Mother Earth will make this incredible transformation without them. Our hearts and actions have to be aligned and right for our Planet as well as our Universe. The whales of spoken of these changes in energy coming to our Planet for decades. The time is now, this is such a huge Soul Evolution - Love Revolution time on our Planet. BE in your POWER in a healty self love way and you are connecting beautifully to the Web of Life by just BEing and you have no idea how much energy you add to the Web of Life by just BEing in this state. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO NOTHING!!! Imagine that . . . Just BE . . . - WOW!!! ~ Anastasia


  For the meditation to get you started on your own land and water blessings if you are new to this or need some different ideas that you are welcome to incorporate into your daily blessings. Go into you heart and your intuitive centers and decide what if any of this resonates with you. And share with the world and especially Mother Earth, our Planets in the Universe, our entire Universe and the Web of Life that threads thoughout the lands- - - go to ~ Anastasia  

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