Daily Water & Land Blessings

Giving Love and Much Needed Assistance to Mother Earth . . . each and every day


Sunday, August 25th at 5:55 am and 5:55 pm I will be doing this land and water blessing/meditation in Oregon on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I hope you will join me at either 5:55 am or 5:55 pm at the same time in your part of the world. If you miss the time, don't worry, I have been doing at least 6 major water blessings a day and today I have done about 12 (heavy chemtrailing and radiation day). If you are one of those folks that like to do this at the same time with others. There is power in numbers but there are many of us all over the Planet who have made this our life's work right now. I am on Pacific Standard Time in the US. So click here to figure out your time on the World Clock schedule and join me anytime your heart desires tomorrow.

When I give energy during these meditations, I don't direct where I want it to go and don't recommend newcomers doing this at all. Until or unless you have worked for some time with the cetaceans, I believe we should offer up the energies to the whales and dolphins andthe Great Almighty and ask them to help us move our world forward. This is a big part of their job right now and they are in a much better place with a much better perspective of which part of the grid needs the most work. So ask one of my favorite orcas, Granny to receive this love you are sending and use it for the grid. Or ask the Deva of the Whales or the Deva of the Dolphins, or the Deva of a particular dolphin or whale species you are fond of. Use your heart to find that answer, your heart knows better than I do or anyone else does who this should be. Hone that beautiful tool in your chest and go deep within :o) Your heart will never lie to you if you are honest with yourself. Our job here is to make our vessel pure and whole to run these beautiful energies that the Great Almighty allows us to use. We are the conduits - we are POWERFULL when we work like this - and in numbers . . . oooooh la la.

WARNING: To any false lightworkers and trouble makers trying to interfere with this meditation, we (my etherial team and I have a shocking surprise for you should you choose to continue attempting to serve up your special brand of DARKNESS)


❥ ◠ ♡ ❤ ♥ ♡ ❥ ♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡♡❥♡❥♡ ❥ ♡ ♥ ❤ ♡ ◠ ❥

Imagine yourself standing on a beach or in a forest in your barefeet and breathing in the manna of life so very deeply. Belly breath it in past your lungs down to your root chakra, feel that energy come in with radiant freshness pulling and clearing out all that no longer serves you out of your physical body and your energy field. Let's do this deep breathing for 5 or 6 breaths now. Clear out all that monkey chatter out of your head and just BE.

I set the ground work for our Web work today early this morning. So now imagine the Web of Life encompassing the entire Planet and lighting up your section of the web of life and see it beating along with the heart beat of Mother Earth in unison as we work together with her and the Web of Life to usher in a new day on this Planet where peace will reign and Heaven-on-Earth returns.

Let's ground ourselves and get connected. Imagine a platinum cord the size of your hips running from your root chakra down deep into the Earth. See and feel it passing thorugh the plants and grasses, the soil, the rocks, the tree roots, as it plummets to the center of the Earth. Descending further and further. Right before you get to the center magma of Planet EArth you see a crystal cave over to the right. Let your cord enter the cave and wrap itself around one of the magnifiscent crystals anchoring you and your cord and grounding you very securely with Mother Earth. Now feel the energy of Mother Earth begin to ascend up the cord going back through the soil up to the tree roots, the rocks, soil and then grasses, etc. . . As it hits the surface of Mother Earth feel the energy enter your root chakra and run itself up through all your chakras. Feel that energy in each chakra. If you can't feel it, don't worry about this. Sometimes when beginning energy work this is not noticable until you have done it several times. But this is great practice, so please don't give up. And many times it is beginners luck to have a blow away experiece with this. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

As you plug in your beautiful loving energies to the Web of Life ask that your energy join the energies of all the beautiful beings working on behalf of Mother Earth to help her during this transition. Ask that your energy light up on your section of the Web of Life and that it immediately connects in with all the other energies that are being given on behalf of her to lift her up and allow Mother Earth to do this amazing transformation. Tell Mother Earth you have her back, that you will continue to add your energies to all the other loving, joyfilled, peacefilled, blissfilled, healing, rejuvinating, unifying, (add here any others you want to so that you make this your own style - It doesn't have to be done exactly like I show here, just put the pos itive energies out to our World.(Put any other positive intentions out there in your own unique brand and style. Like no one else on our Planet can do at this time, but you. You came here at this time for a reason on Planet Earth, so give yourself permission to step into your POWER and to allow these energies to flow through you and to assist Mother Earth in her ability to stand fully in her own POWER. We are all ONE.



I want you to put your hands, palms up facing out to the water. If you are not by the water imagine a miniature earth the size of softball between the palms of your hands. Now just Flow loving healing energy through the torus and into your spot/location on the Web of Life. I imagine a small torus' at every cross point on the grid feeding it with life and love and great change. Now just get a rhythm going and breath deeply.

Now see in your third eye in in your mind's eye (even if you don't get a vision yet) the Web of LIfe light up and ready for a major healing). It is simply pure loving positive intentions at work. Not allowing darkness or polarity to sway your mind. Staying in that strong vibrational spot that you are contributing to the Web of Life building up beautiful strong powerful loving energies that Mother Earth and the cetaceans can use to energize and correct the Web of Life..

Now as you visualize the Web of Life, I want to show you the heart energy of our planet and our own heartsenergy field. We will use these energies to assist in healing our world. (See picture below) This energy flow is called a torus. This energy runs down through the center and slides up on the outside to come back over and down the center again in a slow methodical beating flow. I like to imagine this motion as I get to rocking out with my water and land blessings and I feel it picks up the energy and momentum rather nicely. I love the way nature and Mother Earth responds to these blessings and I can actually visualize the effect this has on the meditaion. (If it is too much to add at this time, don't worry about it, add it later as you get use to doing these meditations if you are new to this. Once again there is no right or wrong here - follow your heart)


Call out to the Great Almighty and to the cetaceans to help bless every molecule of water and ever cell of land with Unconditional Divine Love, Divine Healing, Divine Rejuvenation, Massive Healing of all BEings, Peace, Compassion, Great Hope, Divine Ascension, Laughter, more Love, healthy self love of all, Joy and incredible bliss and happiness surround you and every living being upon our Planet. Now ask the cetaceans and the Great Almighty to please put a "Infinity Trinity Blessing" onto each molecule and cell you just blessed. This is something the cetaceans helped me come up with over the months of traveling the coats this year. Spirit will know what you are calling for. This takes your blessing up to the highest level possible.

Add any other intentions you want to the water and the land masses at this time. I ask the Great Almighty to bless every molecule of water and every molecule of land and that the infinity trinity blessing takes effect and keeps this going around the clock for an extended period of time. (again trust your intuition here for what YOU are to do) I ask that when the molecules dry up or are no longer active that we recharge them with the Infinity Trinity blessing with each new rainfall.

Asking that this blessing go deep into Mother Earth reassuring her that we all truly have her back. And watch the energy extend into the atmosphere clearing, transmuting and clearing any chemicals put into the air by mankind into pure love as it falls back onto humanity and all life here on thevEarth: cracking open wide the hearts that need opening and providing the absolute best nutritional source for anything and everything it lands upon.

Excellent, now add anything you want to specifically add to this blessing.

Please use this meditation or one like it every day or multiple times a day. Use it during storm systems that come over your area. Bless and Bliss the Web of Life whenever you have an opportunity to endorse our new future here on Planet Earth.

AND SO IT IS . . .

When I am finished , I thank the Great Almighty and the Spirit World for their help. I will imagine retracting my energy cord during this process. IN doing so, we are making sure we are closing this door to the etherial world so nothing that shouldn't come in, comes in uninvited.
You can switch this meditation up to meet your own style, I encourage you to make this your own. Get use to it. Use it often. And most of all, teach others what you know about this, so they can begin doing this on a regular basis as well. The whole Web of Life needs each one of us adding this daily to our daily routine.

Now remember too, to add this blessing to the water you drink, the water you shower or bathe in, the water you eliminate from your body seeing it clean and purify the sewer systems as it passes through it. Imagination is key, the bigger you dream the bigger the magic that powerful you are capable of bringing to our Planet now at this time. Also set a pitcher of water in the sun in a window sill and ask your team to imbue this water with these blessings during the day. Then drink it with the intention that you are adding this richness within yourself bringing out the powerful you and the wisdom that you have accumulated throughout all the lifetimes you have lived in this Universe.

Thank you so much for your time and for joining us in this meditation today. I will have many things going forward to share with you on this subject and get the whole world assisting Mother Earth and the cetaceans in getting this done (returning Heaven-On-Earth and getting the dark ones off planeted securely and permanently).


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Water and Land Blessing Meditation (the audio begins at 33 seconds)


Questions & Comments

QUESTION: How can I get more in touch? I often wonder how far my happily charged water gets after I transform it and send it back down the drain. I feel Mother Earth and see her in every day action and we connect, but I often wonder about how that water did and my friends in the deep blue. We have also been blessing our local water supply and I sincerely think the water tastes sweeter for weeks after, but maybe it's just me. I should meditate on this more. The neighborhood cats haven't had much to say to me lol. ~Melissa E


ANSWER: We can get more in touch very easily in theory . . . but hard in this rat race of life we have going here on our Planet at this time (Augu 2013). By getting quiet and going within. . . . . . just BEing as they whales and dolphins tell us often. By doing this in nature amps it up tremendously for me. By water - - - - ooooh la la - water is a healing agent. It holds the Spirit Consciousness (God Consciousness). So wonderful to be by water while we are doing these water and land blessings. Even if it is just a little puddle of water. And if you find yourself totally without water, lol, honestly, I would be blessing the water in the commode ever time I used it and I would imagine all the water that I allow to pour down any drains has a water blessing that continues to work on the sewer systems of my city connecting in its flow of energy all the cities around me. See that energy flowing out into the Web of Life.

The whales and dolphins are lighting up this Web as we speak. The animals of our Planet are involved in some way shape or form on transmuting and transforming these energies. The human race needs to all get on board or Mother Earth will make this incredible transformation without them. Our hearts and actions have to be aligned and right for our Planet as well as our Universe. The whales of spoken of these changes in energy coming to our Planet for decades. The time is now, this is such a huge Soul Evolution - Love Revolution time on our Planet. BE in your POWER in a healty self love way and you are connecting beautifully to the Web of Life by just BEing and you have no idea how much energy you add to the Web of Life by just BEing in this state. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO NOTHING!!! Imagine that . . . Just BE . . . - WOW!!! ~




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