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I spent 3 years of my life developing a DVD around Mary and the whales and dolphins. I spent thousands of hours of work showcasing Mary

and her animal communication practice and I was deceived horribly by Mary and by others in the whale and dolphin industry. I am not upset

angry or feeling vengeful after 3 years now and trying to figure out what the hell happened. We began being attacked on Facebook and our websites

and emails in 2010. But it escalted to violence and satanic and demonic magic in late 2012 early 2013 killing my 7 year old cat Lola and almost killing

me that year. I had no idea people did this kind of thing in our world.

Now in hindsight, I feel Mary and her friends I represented on the DVD were not nice folks and deliberately assisted in the take down of Whale

Communicators and the project I worked night and day to produce and market until 2014.


But it is time to tell the truth. I now have a much better grasp on all the black magic and demonics and satanics used on me than I did in the beginning.

I had no idea this kind of sh%t existed in our world. I think Mary and friends have some really dark leanings although they profess to communicate

whales and speak our Universal language of mental telepaty) with animals and owners for a living. They will gladly take your money and pretend to be

experts on everything whale and dolphin while they have made continuous choices through many lifetimes that had nothing to do with saving the whales

or saving humanity. Some of these folks I introduced to people in Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection are as damaged as it gets.



IF YOU WANT TO DANCE WITH THE DARK ONES, call Mary for some services.


Mary J Getten & a reptile friend - Photo found on Google Images







In good consciousness and TRUTH, I could not - would not, and won't recommend Mary Getten for anyone or anything in the future. Besides spending over $3700 on 2 dolphin trips with Mary and having the participants quit speaking to me within the first 2 years thanks to Mary's direction, I have to say that working with Mary on this elearning DVD was one of the most difficult situations of my career. I cannot recommend her for classes or for swim trips with dolphins or whales until she does the internal work on herself and until she owns the dysfunction she lays upon others. What I have observed over the years and after spending 2 full years working 60+ hours weeks, 6-7 days a week to produce the DVD, Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connections is that Mary has to control every thing in her world . . . excessively. She doesn't play fair and she speaks poorly of her best customers and others in the industry referring to them as "neurotics" becausee they delve too deeply into the magic of life and they explore their 6th senses.

When we went to market 2 years into our partnership on this DVD, Mary announces to me she lost over half her mailing list a year and half before (estimated to be between 2-3000 people). Why she waited to tell me this til over a year later is beyond my comprehension. By this time I had spent a $10,000 inheritance I got and over $50,000 I saved before I left corporate America on this project and my frugal living expenses. I lost my home less than 2 months after this announcement. To date Mary has sold maybe 40 DVDs for me after I put over 2 years of my life & my own money promoting her and her friends and trying to share the magic of life with others thru this DVD. It was a healing journey for me. I was totally unaware that while Mary loves to council others on their lives, the whales and dolphins and healing. She has only dabbled into the area of fixing herself. It my personal opinion and observation that she wants to be the guru but doesn't want to do her own work.

I apologize that I did not speak of this sooner, as I was trying desperately to keep my head above water after losing my home and was not ready to give up my dream and my healing journey dvd. Mary knew of all the attacks upon me personally from the very beginning. The just escalated in numbers and intensity over the years. She even told me they were sending her emails as well and pulled out of beging on Facebook with us anymore (6 months into working with her) She told me to come to her at any time and speak to her about this as did Penelope Smith. Yet, it felt cold and not a safe place to vent about this stuff so I quit after one or two times. And I was surprised by these two women who teach about coming from the heart. Very good at talking their talk. Mary would continue to say to me when the DVD came out, "Why didn't you just give up?" About the 6th time she asked me this, I told her failing on my healing journey was not an option for me. I had lost over 8 people to death before 18 months before the DVD came out. I was trying to heal myself from a childhood of abuse at my mother's hands. I was so elated at working with the dolphins and whales for my own healing. I wanted to shout out from the rooftops to all the others who had been victimized or bullied in their lifetimes that there was a world of magic avaialbe to each and everyone of us, if we only stopped, looked and listen.

You can only imagine my suprise in 2013 when Mary wrote me after a year of horrendous psychic attacks with black magic and black sorcery upon myself, killing one of my young cats and taking my business down to less than 25% of what it was the entire year before that she had now decided 3 years later. I was completely side swiped to see she was partnering with people she consciously knew had attacked me in previous years and caused me immense pain with their below the belt bullying tactics.

Facebook had been a bone of contention between us 6 months into this project as Mary pulled out of this venue and said she never agreed to be on Facebook. This is why I discontinued advertising her or her trips on Facebook. I told her if she was not going to participate in our original plan, I would discontinue advertising her on Facebook as well. I never got a chance to move to other venues to advertise as the attacks on myself, my home and my pets begin to get out of control.

I told Mary repeatedly Facebook was part of the business plan and design document and was all decided before we ever got into production. You cannot do an elearning project of this magnitude without having everything designed and laid out in the beginning. It was sabotaging the project for Mary to do this but Mary would not let it go. She did not like the attention Whale Communicators was getting or the direction I was working my butt off to take it to all while promoting her and her friends. So after she entered Facebook (I had just come in off the road from a rough year in 2013 of escalating attacks of black magic and black sorcery upon myself and my cats. It was December 2013 and the attacks had crescendoed to a level that they were the previous Dec/Jan. So I was doing my research on FB and checking out the troublemakers on our page and seeing who their associates and friends were. When I began to look at our mutual friends on Facebook after Mary wrote me announcing she was now on Facebook, I was horrified to see many of her friends had friended me on my personal page and many were making activist's stances on our Whale Communicators' page. I even had one of her close friends writing me acting like she was brand new to animal communication and could I answer some of her questions (for free). I was blown away to see Mary was doign the same kind of sabotage on our Facebook page that Sierra Goodman continued to do with multiple fake profiles attack our pages. I wish these Facebook freinds of Mary had bought our DVD and supported this project I worked on showcasing their friend, Mary for the past 4 years of my life. It would have been nice when they asked to join my personal page that they told me they were personal friends of hers as well. Instead they choose to cause chaos. When I discovered this, I deleted everyone on my personal page on FB after researching this more and asking my guides for help with this task. And low and behold, immediately the dark attacks that had escalated that December 2013 completely stopped for several weeks. I found the graphic below on one of her freind's pages doing my research and was horrified to find this on one of her pal's page.

So you see, Mary is not the calm Zen figure she portrays to the public who converses with whales and animals and orchestrates the Fairy Congress each year in Washinton. My personal experience since 2008 is she is a mess. She is in denial and she controls her entire outer world obsessively because of all the chaos she has chosen to ignore internally. I ignored so much of the bad behavior in the first few years of working with Mary just trying to get through the long days of production on the DVD and get it to market. I was having horrendous technical difficulties at the time not even realizing that I was already being messed with these games of black magic that these people play with.

I had a pod mate on Facebook reach out to me by personal email and tell me that when she first entered the arena of animal communicators they did this same thing to her but not on this level. She said the acitivists bullied her and ganged up on her and made her life miserable for a while. She would not elaborate and didn't want to discuss further with me with a sick loved on at home. But the call was a confirmation of what I had been psychically getting in visions and what I had been intuitiing since all this escalated. I didn't have time the first 2 years to even look at it for what it was and deal with it. I was CRAZY busy with the DVD and working incredibly long hours.

After several conversations with Granny, the beautiful orca, this DVD was centered around, I decided to put the DVD back on the market after pulling it when the attacks were at an all time high. The DVD, Whale Communicators: The Dolphin Human Whale Connection was a journey back from a really rough year in 2007/08, not only did I have 8 people die I loved, but I had over 100 relatives who turned their backs on me because I would not keep my mouth shut about my mom and all the family secrets. That I was still even standing. I am a fighter and I am one persistant person. But when someone deliberately takes another one down for their own benefit. When someone's cat gets killed in the process. This is now personal for me. And until the day I die, I will speak out on these things and I will shine the light on these kinds of things as well.

The content of the DVD is solid, Granny's messages and the messages of 5 other species of Cetacea are timesless and heart rendering and soul changing. The energy on this DVD is not what it should be with certain people. I will leave this on the market and am replacing it with my own DVD which I will promote from here forward. I put this whole page up because for over 3 years I represented Mary and several of her colleagues and friends as incredible upstanding women of heart. I need the world to know while I recommened Mary, Anne Gordon or Penelope Smith as women of integrity and knowledge, only to figure out they are not who they showed to the world in any way, shape or form. I can no longer represent these people as people of integrity and people I would recommend that you engage with for business. I pray for their hearts and souls now, but can no longer say the things I did about them on the DVD. An experience I have learned a lot from but I don't want to venture into ever again.

My life is getting back on track now 2 years after the attacks took a personal and deadly level. I last spoke to Mary in Jan 2014 about this Fairy graphic above and asked her what was going on. She denied it was a personal friend of hers that did this, it was a just a fan on her page and then she told me (like she had done before) that I was not getting proper messages about what was going on and I better go check my sources again. I also asked her why a man I had corresponded with for a breif time was on her page as well. And she asked me, "Why, what do you know of him. He is just someone who liked my page, I don't know who he is." No, he was actually someone she had as her favorites on her page although she didn't have Whale Communicators listed there after all the work we did on her behalf. There are some really shady things going on in this whale and dolphin industry Pod Mate, some really low vibrating behaviors by people who pretend to be something they are not and who don't play nicely with others behind their backs.

So after I hung up the phone, I turned to my source and said, "She denies she had anything to with this. And God said, "She not only did this, she has conscious memory of what she has done". I walked away completely from Mary and her below the belt antics at this time. I will mail her once a year going forward, but I have no other reason to interact with people who consciously choose to take others down in these kind of low manners.

Another charming picture of Mary I found in Dec 2013 on google images as she announced to me she was now on Facebook


We are at a pivotal time on our planet and I believe we all will have to walk through the 4th dimension to go onto the 5th dimension and beyond. I believe I was singled out because of my insights and my propensity to be a mouth piece for the injustices that have been carried out on humanity and all inhabitants of Mother Earth and within our Universe for way too long. A darkness that has grown like cancer over our corporate, financial, religious institutional and medical businesses. I spenthalf of of 2013 being homeless and about the same in 2014. I cannot afford to travel and work with Mother Earth and keep a place to live. I believe Mary and others (i.e. Sierra Goodman, Teresa Wagnor, Cordelia Brabbs, Jon Whale (Cordlia's alter ego), Anne Gordon, Penelope Smith, Madeleine Walker, Celeste Eaton, Joan Ocean, Granma Chandra, Asia Voight, & Laurie Renyon who either attempted to take us down or advertised freely off our backs and certainly didn't return the favor of exchange in advertisement (Unity Community style) have to be talked about in our world. We can no longer chose to not discuss bad behaviors and dark actions. We keep it silent, we keep them in business acting like this.

People need to walk their talk and quit the lying and back biting things they do to stay ahead financially in our world.No more singing singing one song to humanity and doing something quite completely different behind their backs. I have seen damaged people with huge egos and money being a HUGE factor in thier decisions and behaviors. All while competing for whale trips and doing some interesting back stabbing amongst each other.

I will continue to share the messages of the whales and dolphins with the human race and I will continue to shine the light on the dark recesses of this industry until every human being has knowledge of this and until the cetaceans ask me to stop. At this point and time I am being tremendously encouraged by them to sing my song and to tell the truth and to let those who have played so out of the line of integrity deal with their actions. We have been so mislead in our world to 'turn the other cheek' or 'to take the higher road' or 'to be the bigger person' all in an attempt to silence the innocent and to allow these dark players who consciously choose to engage our world like this get by doing what they have always done. Taking others down for their own benefit.

Our hearts are our best filters, please use your heart and filter this information for your truth. Our hearts will never lie to us. And remember if you choose to engage others who behave like this, you have a great chance of having your money taken, being lied to and abused as well.

Thank you for continuing to follow the messages of the whales and dolphins and for using your hearts to discern truth in this chaotic world that is falling apart daily. Please get involved and spearhead groups to start shiningn the light on these kinds of injustices. And after you are done investigating the San Juan islands and folks mentioned here, start looking at Paul Watson of Sea Sheperd , the Oceania Project of Australia, iwhales and Mark Francis Franklin, Mary Getten, Joan Ocean, Celeste Eaton, Anne Gordon and other false light around the whales and dolphins on our planet who purposely mislead the human race in regards to these animals.