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Communicating With Pilot Whales


Pilot Whales belonging to the genus Globicephala. There are two extant species, the long-finned pilot whale (G. melas) and the short-finned pilot whale (G. macrorhynchus).Pilot whales are cetaceans. The two are not readily distinguished at sea and analysis of the skulls is the best way to tell the difference between them. Between the two species, pilot whales range in waters nearly worldwide with long-finned pilot whales living in cold waters and short-finned pilot whales living in tropical and subtropical waters. Pilot whales are among the largest of the oceanic dolphins, exceeded in size only by the killer whale. They and other large members of the dolphin family are also known as blackfish. For more information on the pilot whale, Click Here

“You humans have lost your connection to the All, the Oneness of Life on this planet, indeed in the whole galaxy. You have separated yourself from the rest of life and become lost in greed and possessiveness. When you are in tune with nature and in flow with the balance of life, greed and possessiveness do not occur. You have what is necessary for your survival. That is how we live. We take only what is necessary, and as a result, all energies work together in harmony.” Ref
pg 238a


I created a Turquoise Bubble Orb in gold and a lovely Pod swam through it. I found myself swimming with the Pod in dark gray waters. They said theywere from Norway.

*Who are the Pilot Whales?*

We are Love. Look at how we live. How we stay together. How we swim in Peace. We live in Peace. We are Peace in the Water. Be Peace wherever youare. Be like us. In this vast space you call “Ocean”, in our togetherness, it feels so small. We fill our space with the singularity of Love. We feeland look  timeless. We like to feel timeless.

*What does “timeless” feel like?*

Timeless feels like All Time:  accessible realities being available,Choice, Freedom and expressing one’s self in whatever way one chooses.
Freedom to Be. We choose Freedom to be Love. This opens access to other portals of Reality Consciousness. We have come through [these portals] because there is so much a need for Love and to be shown Peace. We like to,or choose to, be Love in Water. Water affects everything. Over time, Water destroys or transforms density. Over time, we Whales have effectively connected with Water to bear down density within Human awareness [fields].  More of you are tuning in and wanting to be like us. We like to see this happening. It fulfills our contracts with this reality. Keep loving; keep transforming.

*Do you have a message for Humanity at this time?*

Thoughts and emotions are tied together. Be mindful and aware of your thoughts, what you are thinking. Those are your current levels of
consciousness. Always tune in within what your thought radio channel is on. When you do this, it changes the emotional waters within your Earth body. Your Earth body is like a transmitter broadcasting powerful signals. Seven billion broadcasting signals can create noise or Beauty. Ask yourself, “Are you music or noise?” Consciously choose which one you want to be.

Your Earth body is a microchip of the Multiverse. You contain within you every level and layer of existence. If you want to affect the world or the Universe, start with what is happening and going on within your own body. Become completely “embodied”. It is a Gateway, an accessible portal of Love.

The body is a signal transmitter outward and a fluid Mirror to check-in and see your current state within. Utilize, love and acknowledge the sacred space known as your Body. Rhythmic motion, rhythmic breathing and rhythmic focus is a language your body-mind can speak. Get into this Dance [with yourself] and may the Dance become your most Divine Life. There’s so much. This is good for Now.

*Here is a summarized message from the Pilot Whales:*  “Loving thoughts open portals. Destructive thought shuts them down. Keep portals open. It is how we get to be here.”

~Shannon Murray 



"Swim in your Heart. Humans value the head way too much. The Heart holds the answers. The head tends to hold only problems. Breathe to bring yourself into your Heart. Ask for our help. We ARE heart energy. You ARE heart energy. It's just that most of you don't know that.
"But that is changing. More of you are surrendering to and embracing the Heart. As more and more of you live there the world can't help but be changed. Humanity can't help but be changed.

"When you inhabit the heart, you will come to remember who you are and whence you come. You--all of us--are from the same place. The same Source. In that knowing lies healing. You are so close.
"We know it feels far and looks far--when you look at the world and see all the strife and imbalance. You despair (in your heads) because you can only imagine that it will take forever to transform these things. We tell you it can happen in a Heartbeat. Find yourselves--and all of us--within your own Hearts."

~Janey Bosch




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