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Orca Communication with Janey Bosch

"Human Beings, collectively, are so caught up upon the Surface. They rarely dive down to the depths. They view what is happening in the world superficially; they focus on the strife, on the difference, on the separation and the discord. And they become scared.

We encourage them instead to periodically dive deep. Deep within themselves where all become Still; where there is Peace; where all is connected. It is in the Depths we gain our sustenance. It is in the Depths where we perceive/feel the Truth.
What is happening on the surface passes. It misleads. It leads astray. Only by diving down and nurturing yourself in the Depths within can you find the clarity and the strength to transform the surface. To uncover the path. To nurture the connection--that All are One. In the Depths of Self you develop and grow in Self Love. Only then can you bring that Love to the surface to share with others--to shine the Light of that Love on the chaos of the surface. The surface--what you see in the world around you--is healed by what you bring from the Depths in Love.

Understand this on both a personal level and a planetary one. As you care for and nurture yourself from within and then help those around you, so too is the healing of the world. Heal and care for the waters first and foremost and the land will follow.
We are here to help and guide you. We can guide you through the Depths of your Being and bring you to greater Self Love. Let us help you. For, in helping each of you, we help the world heal.
May we meet one another within".

Love and Blessings,

I loved you Janey when I believed you to be a geniune human BEing with a heart! Ciao Baby!