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Whale Tales - I’ve got scars too . . .

  Anastasia Maria's first telepathic encounter with a wild dolphin who told her she could call him Sparky. Anastasia relied, Sparky??? And he responded, Yes,, becaus eI am like you;-full of fire and life".  



In the summer of 2009, when I went on trip with Wild Quest and over 20 animal communicators to Bimini of the Bahamas. I was still grieving the deaths of 8 loved ones the 14 months prior to my trip. My life had been stood on it head and shaken many times over, nothing in my life was the same. I was a member of the walking wounded. I went specifically to Bimini to be healed by the dolphins. I had been setting my intentions and communicating with the dolphins a month prior to our arrival - asking them to help me with some things I wasn't handling so well for this entire lifetime. I have an extremely cruel mother and it was tough growing up with her supervision. It was time to heal EVERYTHING.

It was Day 2 and we find ourselves in the company of up to 13 spotted dolphins. When you work with people who telepath in a grou,p things get 'amped up' - the energy was amazing. I am swimming around laughing and smiling to myself and just BEing with the dolphins as I snorkel and watch their every move and joyfully partake in any swim bys - that I can partake in.

Suddenly off from my left a big guy comes swimming from behind me and floats by me and just hangs in the water about 5 feet in front of me. He had a massive scar bigger than a dinner plate behind his dorsal fin. It’s was huge – He said to me, “I have scars too and it’s going to be okay.”

I was floored – this dolphin telepathed with me – tears begin to well up in my mask and the fog started setting up inside my mask. My downfall is when I forgot I was under water and that no one else heard what he said to me because he was speaking sliently and without words to me. So as I shouted out to all my pod for affirmations that what II was just experiencing was indeed happening . . . .

Well I started choking as the salt water entered my mouth and throat as I tried to talk underwater. I got water up my nose – down my throat – my eyes and throat began burning and I laughed so hard at myself. I thought, “Jeez, it was telepathic – how would anyone else know this?”

This dear dolphin stayed around for over a hour and kept showing me his scar and pinging my body with his sonar and echolocation energetically helping my energetic grid to raise its self up. It wasn’t til I returned home and was going through the pictures that Atmo of Wildquest.com had taken of our trip that I discovered almost a week and half later – that indeed – there was a picture within moments of when I first saw Sparky’s scar. This is me and my dolphin guide, named Sparky. He's the one exuding fire and life from his spirit.

Dolphins are not much into having names – they say this is a human thing not a dolphin things. I asked this dolphin to be my dolphin guide when I came home and he agreed to do this. We have had some amazing communications since I returned home and I look forward to swimming with him again in June. He told me I could call him Sparky. I thought to myself Sparky – what kind of name is that? And he replied, “I am full of passion and fire just like you are – you can call me Sparky.”

I had gotten myself to a point where I ventured into their territory with a new language (telepathy) and I have never looked back once. This has been the most exciting journey I have ever participated in and from the stories I keep hearing from other whale communicators – it just grows and grows. And it changes and it becomes even more. An incredible opportunity to know yourself in ways you never knew was possible and incredibly ways to know your fellow Beings and participate in life and interact with nature on this beautiful web called life.

~Anastasia Maria http://www.whalecommunicators.com/anastasia.html

(About a month upon returning home from this trip with Wildquest in Bimini, I was reviewing the pictures of our trip and just burst into tears. Atmo of Wildquest had caught the moment on film when Sparky spoke to me. I am not looking into the camera here although it looks this way; I am staring at the huge scar behind his dorsal fin.)






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