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This picture taken in late August 2013 outside Seaside, OR. The Pacific ocean is to the right of this picture. This was a moment unlike any other when I happened upon this spot because the sand was too soft to drive on the beach so I turned around, I had seen a few females when I came out and I rounded the corner and there were over 13 of the boys gathered. The herd was about 24 strong not alot of young. This is north of Seaside, OR in late August 2013 in the wild. They say there is no hunting on this west side of the highway (101) and the herd understands this and often gathers here.

The night before I had these male brothers sing me to sleep with the melody that Susan Fullmoon Rising talks about in her blog below. You know I have found that when we allow and make a space for our connection to the Web of Life . . . things begin to happen . . . magical things and if we allow it to flow this just grows and grows if you allow it to and quit trying to control it or the outcome of it all. Just BE as our cetacean friends tell us. And this my friends is what I have found can be a challenge to master this and 'talk the talk' as well as 'walk the talk' - Not an easy thing to do - persistance is key I am finding. ~Anastasia



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Scorpio full moon, April 26th 2013
Returning to Source is an expression we hear a lot about, but what does it mean?

It was evening and the black of the night sky had not yet been impregnated by the full moon. I was sitting at the Sacred Fire of the Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering, Australia, at Halls Gap on the Scorpio full moon last month.

I was listening to the poetry flowing out of a sister who was holding the Talking Stick as she circled the Fire. We were all being enchanted by her grace; by her purity which it seemed was unblemished; by her awakening which was transparent and by her tears of joy that flowed freely as she found her voice in the presence of her elders from all four corners of the world. Her struggle to describe her feelings in English rather than her native tongue and her eagerness to master this offered us another source of joy as we listened with all that we were. These were her gifts to the Divine Presence. She was holding her Stick, her Honour and her Sovereignty and was not apologising for her Power in any way. She was self aware and eager to express her awe and her wonder at the opportunity this experience was giving her and her humility was beautiful to witness. It was purely elemental.

We also were privileged to listen to an Elder male who was an accomplished speaker and who was proud and unapologetic for his strength of character and for his charismatic presentation. He knew this world well and worked hard for global peace and for balance among race and gender.

In the nearby bush we could hear the bellows of a Stag. His calls were deep and earthy, filling the canyon, sweeping up the cliff-faces in the darkness before moon rise and swirling back over the valley descending on us like a baritone’s base note as it heralded the forthcoming Light of the Scorpio Full Moon.

This bellowing sound was unfamiliar to me on one level only. Firstly, I come from Sydney where there are no native anything anymore. And now I live in Cygnet, south of Hobart, Tasmania and I have never heard a stag in the wild of the forest there either, despite an abundance of native fauna. In fact, I really never expected to hear such a sound in this Country, on our Australian Land, and regardless of any non native inhabitant issues, our only deer being farmed of course, I found it the most wonderful sound in the world!

I knew this sound though. It plummeted through the depths of my Being into the ancient parts of me; it drove me back into the forests of Sherwood; it bore me back into my life in old Europe; it carried me across the seas to my lives in the Americas and in Africa. It came from my childhood fairylands, in books and in soul. This sound vibrated deeply within the base chakra of my body just as did the big Pow Wow drum at closing Ceremony. The vibration crossed all boundaries effortlessly, rising from deep within Mother Earth.

It is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, the year’s twilight and it is my most familiar time of the year; Scorpio moon in a Taurus sun, the returning home after the annual migration; the Star turns south towards home and hearth after the hunt; it seeks soul’s retrieval and replenishment. Harvest is in and now the Woman works for her people. She weaves the thread to make the sacred basket; she enriches it with sacred objects and makes an offering to the People, to her Lands, to Great Spirit. Her Spirit bowl serves the whole of life with a little of everything to be consummated; it is the pure Give-away. It fosters Sustainability!

The Goddess, who is now fully imbedded in the cave on the sacred night, as Mother Earth, calls to her womb, the sacred fire; it is Time. She is opening her womb to The Light!

Winter is coming!

The Sacred Silence will soon be upon us and we will all settle in to our Winter’s gestation. A time when we will feed and nurture our new vision, our young buck, with the sacred blood that flows through our veins, through the orifices of our pure hearts, drawing up from the well of Great Mystery the resources necessary to make manifest the new form from the soul.

Like the sacred river flowing to the sea, our new sons and daughters, our future, our new life will be born of this sacrament. It will emerge from the deepest recesses of our soul into Spring, rising above the forces of duality, rising above history, highlighted out of the masses of the mundane, wide awake with long memory, knowing its worth, knowing its purpose and wearing in its earthly garments, eyes with which to see and ears with which to hear sacred truth, unfabricated and unembellished.

Dreamtime is the Creation Story within our own lives, it is the Rainbow Serpent from our own Covenant with Wakan Tanka, with Goddess, our Divine Principle. As we each face Medusa and avoid looking into her eyes, we are able to retrieve our own real story from out the cave of darkness. Accessing this sacred Knowing requires preparation, commitment and determination. To the uninitiated, we risk turning to stone, cold hard and frozen solid in shock of the post traumatic kind. Today post traumatic stress syndrome is threatening modern man as much as is terrorism and suicide. Who among us has the courage to face the darkness of our own lives and explore all the nooks and crevices of our story with its emotional traps and tribal betrayals. Who among us will accept the responsibility for that journey and say thank you to the perpetrators who betrayed our innocence and exploited our love, accepting them in grace and in gratitude for the opportunity they have given us to evolve as a Human Being just as Jesus did, above and beyond his tribal law and into Spiritual Law. Our Soul group serve us well and so we shall now serve them well, offering Spirit Food, Manna from Heaven, White Gold, as Blessings and Love for the part they were prepared to play so that we could grow in Love and as a true Christed Being of Consciousness. It is in innocence that we are betrayed, and it is in grace that we accept our rite of passage and cease projecting blame upon another brother or sister.

This is 2013 and it is here in the Southern Hemisphere, that Taurus the sacred Bull, White Buffalo Calf Woman, with her abundance of sacred teachings is leading the planet into the activation point of the birthing of the Sacred Feminine Consciousness this Winter in Cancer, the lunar sign of ancestors, tribes and the primordial waters of the universal womb, the Great Mother Sea to which all the rivers run.

As Taurus, the first born of the Triple Goddess Earth signs, (Taurus- fixed, Virgo- mutable and Capricorn- cardinal, the three feminine signs of the Cyclic Year) prepares to go to the Within of her White Winter Robe, here in Australia and other southern continents and countries, we, her children, are being given the opportunity to access this energy first. We are being given an opportunity to draw nourishment from the Healing Red Basket, Cheyenne ten Keya, the blood enriched womb of Gaia; to re-activate unused and damaged strands of our DNA and to restore ourselves from the world of strife amongst global tribes.


White Buffalo Calf Woman restored her strands as the White Buffalo Calf, to show the world, that this is The Way, The Sacred Path, and the Medicine Path that leads to recovery, beyond death, beyond extinction. She emerges from storms and tornadoes and she spins our lower material minds into the quickening and into death. When we speak with respect and acknowledge what is Holy then we are recognising our Self worth and we may become an apprentice to the Sacred Teachings.

Once replenished, we are able to fly across global borders into neighbouring lands, with respect and with integrity, cross pollinating our story with another’s in sacred circle, building compassion and helping each other to emerge like the butterfly from the chrysalis, drying our wings in the wild winds of the Spring storms and finding ancient ways of holding down our own energy in the face of turmoil.

It is up to us to harness our Spiritual Resources and fly fleet footed with Gaia into the future fourth dimensional space-time frequency now, this Winter!

We are being given eyes to see and ears to hear on a fourth dimensional vibratory field and it is my strong recommendation that we create for ourselves whatever circumstances are needed to access this Winter Window of 2013.

The Stag knows no limitation and teaches us the sacredness of our heritage and our royal right to life beyond seasonal, shamanic or tribal death.

Our free will shall reign as high consciousness, beyond entrenched patterns of cultural indoctrination.

Our free will shall embrace all creatures, great and small, co-habiting without fear based jurisdictions and defensive territorial segregations.

When we human beings honour respectfully, these amazing nations of Stag and Deer people, we will come to understand that they have great consciousness and will naturally offer themselves up and in rightful manna, as is their own birth-rite, to feed the People as is fit and fare. It is their Natural Law!

I watched and photographed from my outdoor dining table in Halls Gap, last month, kangaroos dining on the living grasses under the Great Manna Gum alongside humans, currawongs, cars, shops, children and pets. They were not being fed pellets from a paper bag or food scraps from the shops; they were eating grass that was thriving under the Manna Gum, despite the pedestrian traffic and the busyness of the location. There were no signposts to say they couldn’t graze naturally, and no beings threatened them or disturbed them. Nature ruled the day and nothing got in her way. So, as we humans become conscious of these natural laws, it becomes our free will opportunity to all live this way.

This is a sacred reunion here under the Southern Cross this Winter of 2013!

So mote it be!

To followSusan Fullmoon-Rising with her gift of putting things into words in the grandest way - wrapping us all up in warm beautiful change upon our Planet. http://sfullmoonrising.wordpress.com/tag/stag-medicine/?blogsub=confirming#blog_subscription-2


Another bull of another species - The Sperm Whale


Say Ahhhhh
A couple of Bull Sperm Whales days ago, a large bull whale showed up to socialise with some of the younger males. Adult male sperm whales are huge.

In the water, it looked somewhere on the order of two to three times the size of the sub-adults, as well as being significantly greater in girth. They can grow to something on the order of 18 metres in length.

Of course, the pace of swimming was generally more rapid when the large adult was around, so it was difficult to keep up. After one extended swim, the whales took a right turn, giving me chance to close some distance...and this is what I saw:


The bull opened its mouth really wide, as if stretching its jaws. There was no aggression involved, and no sonar beyond the normal background chatter.

It was...to say the least...an impressive sight.


Check out Tony's wonderful adventures on his blog - I LOVE THIS!!!





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  Eric Cheng is one of my favorite photographers of Sperm Whales, I couldn't mention Tony without sharing a link to Eric's work with Sperm Whales as well.
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