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Message from Granny

  Friday, November 1, 2013  


Commucation with Granny - Nov 1, 2013

Hello Granny -

Felt her rushing in with power and agility in her orca body in very turquoise blue waters . . . (interesting because her waters in Puget Sound are not this color - more greenish. And her body is renewed and strong - this is her High Self, I have not seen her come to me visually like this before - this is noteworthy.)

Hello Anastasia, it is so nice to have you take time out of your busy schedule to communicate with me for your Podmates. You work so hard for our Planet and I want to personally thank you for all the sacrifices you have made on behalf of myself and the whales. We recognize this in the Spirit World and others are constantly tail slapping and breaching when they hear what you have been up to for the day. And I my dear, (daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, niece, loved one), I am so honored to be swimming the waters with you in this lifetime and witnessing the incredible change that is taking over your Planet once again. You and I go back many many lifetimes. It is a marvel to behold from this perspective - it is a honor to experience this with you.

I speak on behalf of all whales when I say this to you and your Pod, We are so very grateful for the humans who have jumped on board and are working so hard for our Planet, for humanity and for the emanicaiton of all Beings who live on Planet Earth. Things throughout the Universe are in a much better place than they have been this last 18 months (I converted this into time for Granny after clarifying - because the cetaceans are not on our timeline). So much progress has been made because of those who have taken the call seriously to clear out their internal planets to watch the energies they put out to our World and most of all to be careful and use their hearts when dealing with every living being upon this planet. One cannot just choose to save animals or the Planet, without being willing to embrace all their brothers and sisters upon the Planet. There are many in your world who have been down trodden for ions of time on your Planet, those are the ones that we ask you to handle with extra love and extra tender care now going forward. Be very attentive to their heartspace and their feelings. Give them space to speak instead of telling them what to do. They were the original keepers of the Mother Earth and their jobs were taken from them. I encourage you to encourage others to ask your brothers and sisters to come out now with you. To talk with you and to talk with groups about their experiences. You provide them the venue to talk and the safety and security of the groups they will be talking with. Respect is a must in all these gatherings. Repect of ones self first and a respect for all one's brothers and sisters of the Rainbow. As a relationship builds, ask them to share What they know? What they see for our future? How you might be able to interface together for Mother Earth and the Spirit World. Ask what their dreams are? And don't dwell on it as to cause more pain. . . but it is imperative you open a conversation to what their pain has been. And give them the space to expand upon it or not. Treat this information with reference and ask for healing from the cetaceans and the Spirit World for this. This must be done to bond a trust and a beginning point between you. To cover that distance of separation that has been laid before you for ions of time. We must empathize with their plot in this lifetime and what has happened to them in comparison to the rest of the lighter colored members of humanity. Energetically, this can be healed through love and sharing. Geniune sharing of the hearts - in story telling - in sitting around a campfire. In down time when nothing else is going on. No TVs, no technology, etc. . .

We Are All One and energetically this needs to begin coming together more on your Planet. This is an area that needs a lot of love, positive healing energy, and a lot of light put upon it. Our brothers and sisters, the Keepers of our Planet, blessings to you all and heart thank yous to everyone.

I understand your sadness and pain around Whale Communicators Anastasia and the things that have happened during these past 5 years. We, the cetaceans that work daily with you on your healing team as well as those who watch from afar want to say BIG HEARTED THANK YOU. Your heart is pure and beautiful and we would not have moved this along like this without your persistence and dedication. Words can't express it and we ask that you spend some time with us today and let us beam to your heart our immense Thanks. This one is for you alone Anastasia, we want you to quit doing for everyone else and just stand in the sacred circle with your cetacean family and receive.

~Granny, a very wise orca who is the Partiarch of J Pod in Puget Sound

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM ME: I sat and went very deep to receive this welcomed gift of gratitude and tears silently poured from my eyes. Soon rivers were running down the sides of my face. The feeling in my heart was expansive and was very beautiful. And it was awkward for me to receive this gift because of my sensitivity and the childhood abuse that always made me hold back for me. You see it was my job since a very young age to take care of others and put out the many fires in my childhood. I never was allowed to know how to authentically care for myself. It felt so nice staying in this energy, but it took work to stay here and the knowing that has taken root in my heart knew that I had earned this time with my beloved cetacean family.

I so look forward to this 2nd half of my life here. This heaven on earth has been earned by so many us empaths here on the Planet who have been holding the energies for all of Humanity for so long. As sensitives this is what we do - hold the energies for all those who are not doing the work or trying to misguide others from their paths to make the world a truly better place to live.

What I have learned so far on this journey - Everything begins in the Heart - our truth and our way in the world lead through this filter - Our Heart. And that humans judge EVERYTHING way too much. Judgement has to be replaced with a kinder way of doing things - like discerning from one's heart and then acting out with love and gratitude for being a part of this great emancipation of the human race here on Earth.

The Revolution of Love is Winning . . . and all those who have ushered in this day are WINNERs - True World Changers and Way Showers in a world that was way to harsh and way too ugly for much too much of the time. The tides have turned. Scales have more than tipped . . .

Can you say E M A N C I P A T I O N humanity? Get use to this concept Pod Mates and be sure to Dream, Imagine & Visualize - our New World - each and every day.

♥ྀ°☆♥♡[τ̲̅н̲̅a̲̅и̲̅κ̲̅ ч̲̅o̲̅u̲̅]☼♡❥♡❥♡ ☮☆❥♡❥

PS I am willing to readily admit my addiction to coffee and Facebook (ppppfff on that break from FB- still won't be the posting fanaticaly during the mercury retrograde. After proofing this for errors, I heard Granny still tuned in ask me to make sure to ask each of you Podmates who have been doing so much for the cetaceans and Mother Earth to each also gather in a meditation or quiet time with her and the whales over this next few days. They have a gift they want to share with each of you as well.

A GIFT FROM GRANNY and the Cetaceans - A heart to heart is called for. If you want to share afterwards in our comments section what you experienced, please do. And if you want to keep it between you & Granny and the cetaceans - I understand the beauty of that as well. NAMASTE POD MATES!

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