The animals of our Planet are absolutely incredible when working energetically on the Web of Life and all things in our Universe. When doing your daily land and water blessings be sure to call on Granny and all animals of our Universe and ask them for their energetic help. You will beging to see miracles unfold before your very eyes. They always show up in some way, shape or form. Be it in the clouds or literally in person. I love working with the winged ones (raptures and birds) and all things cetacean (ancient and present day existance) They are truly some of the best miracle workers of our Planet. Anastasia, 9-1-14


Beautiful strong empowering energies hitting our Planet yesterday, Thursday, September 26th, 2013. It has been almost 9 months since I have felt the power of the orbs and magic like this. It is breath taking - we are so protected and so watched over by such benevolent loving BEings coaxing us all to BE who we came here to be. What an amazing time to be alive. Below are several pictures around the Seattle, Monroe, Duvall, Ellis Bay waterfronts. InJOY and be sure to get out in nature.

New energies I have not seen before. I saw a couple of these long bar like energies in the skies last night.
Awh, the Earth Planet Orbs circling Seattle, WA in the Port of Seattle off Elliott Bay
Zoom in on this one and check out all those benevolent BEings in the skies working on Seattle - woooo whoooo etherhial world. WE LOVE YOU
Dragon Energies on the street where I use to live in Monroe, WA last night
Lovely Beings emerging from the mist of this pond in Monroe. This is the dragon forest area I use to visit.
Same pond - more BEings showing themselves. Oooooh la la ! The two bright lights dead ahead are house lights.

Beautiful, strong, powerful, & benevolent energies. Love LOVE love this one! Check out the rainbow hues in the pictures - tons of spirits and faces hiding out in these colors. This is how I know where to look for them :o)



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Build you intuitive skills by learning how to talk to whales, dolphins and all BEings on the Web of Life. Everyone in our world is capable of speaking our Universal Lanaguage of mental telepathly to animals, plants and other beings. It is our divine birthright. We usually stuff it and forget about it completely by the time we reach grade school. Our parents tell us children. "Jeremy, that dog did not tell you he wanted to go out and play ball with you. You have such an overactive imagination son". Or "Meghan, Mz. Powderpuff did not tell you she wants a saucer of milk before bedtime." And guess what, we come straight from Source here to this planet with this information already pre-programmed inside of us. And then we begin to forget all this as we grow older because society has different mandates on us than the natural world does. Love is the only mandate in the world of nature.

Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection - Over 5 and half hours of rich interative learning teaching you the Universal Language of the Whales, Dolphins and all life upon the Web. This elearning dvd is for anyone who loves whales and anyone who wants to learn or to improve their their telepathic skills thus accelerating their intuitive skill set. Anyone can do this. Click here for more information on the 5 hour elearning DVD.  
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