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My Brother and Sisters . . . let's unify

Lets begin to talk about color without adjectives to describe our brothers and sisters of the rainbow - - - i.e. my black brother, my asian friend, that white guy.

How about instead just plain . . .

my brother and sister

or if we still need adjectives . . .

my beloved brother and/or sister
my brilliant brother and/or sister
my funny brother and/or sister
my unique brother and/or sister
my beautiful brother and/or sister

Let's start here . . . anew.



Conversation with Granny & Anastasia ((8-5-13)

"We want to give immense Thanks and Gratitude to all of you who are truly helping move our world forward. So many of you have been hit with insurmountable odds and overcome or are overcoming them all. We appreciate your dedication, you are the true Way Showers of our world. The brave ones, the forerunners who will help us free humanity and Mother Earth from the energies that have held you prisioners in your own world for far too long.

Keep up the courageous work you are doing for our Planet and for Cetacean Nation. Connect with us or the Great Almighty often. Stay away from electronics and computers as much as you possibly can - this is a wonderful playground for the dark energies these days. Clearing out your internal planet helps the larger Mother Earth clear out her internal Planet as well. WE are ALL ONE.

The more time you spend in nature and in solitude the clearer our messages and the messages of all life on our Planet will come to you. Otherwise, our voices will be drowned out by the dark clutter still occupying your Planet. Disconnect from technology or severely limit your usuage of it.

Disconnect and reconnect to nature, reconnect to us, reconnect to YOURSELVES. Love yourselves - Empower Yourselves - The Time is now.

We Love you and we thank you immensely for all your sacrifices".

Granny communicated to Anataisia, 8-5-13


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It is my dream to take this information about the wonderFULL magic upon the Web of Life to the indiginous people of our earth and help them relearn this or add this to their already rich heritiage and help us to help the world relearn this ancient language that empowers the human race and all of their 6th senses with this knowledge and wisdom. It is my dream to unite all of mankind and help us all remember our connection to the Web of Life and to each other - including all BEings.
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