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I am being guided that Mother Earth has made it completely into the 5th dimension so my work on the road now has come to an end. I am redoing our websites: both and and I am being guided to reconsider being on Facebook again even though I am so unhappy with them over the 5 years we have been on there. I would love your opinion on whether or not you want to see me back on FB.


Shift Happens - Keep your Vibration High Pod Mates!!!

II have been doing an enormous amount of work on our Planet for the past 19 months straight. My main jo bright now is to help Mother Earth ascend and to assist in healing humanity. I have known this for years, I have just not been real vocal as Mary Getten was uncomfortable with my psychic skills and the egos around the animal communication field and amongst whale communicators was really ugly. The atrocious malevolent tactics the dark players of our planet have taken to use, misuse, and abuse the human races: especially, the geniune healers and of the Earth, not the over inflated egos who want to be someone's guru. My job since losing my home in December 2012 and my cat being killed by these sleps has become clearing the them - dark malevolent BEings from our Universe. I call them Marauders after God told me to call them this as this is who the truly are - they have raped and pilliaged our Earth and our Universe for 1000s of years). And they have done a horrendous injustice to the human race.

I traveland work with Mother Earth day in and day out. I camp in my car most of the time or in a ten. My money influx has been slapped shut by black magic and black sorcery from members of our DVD team, as well as many who came to our page playing like they were good guys interested in whales and dolphins and by some really ugly folks. The magic I learned about in 2007 after I lost 8 people I loved to death in a 14 month period of time opened a whole new world to the magic of life. For the first time in my life I finally knew who I was and realized how horribly all us humans had been lied to time and time again. I realized we all have access to our 6 th senses and can speak telepathically to all BEing on the Web of Life. And when we do this regularly and practice these telepathic muslces that have all but atrophied on our body unused, we become very intuitive. The dark ones can't life to us and get away with it anymore. We can not be used and taken advantage of. We strengthen our connection to the Web of Life and all benevolent BEings upon the Web of Life. We EMPOWER ourselves like we never have known was possible. We begin to experience the true magic that is available to each and every human being.

What I didn't know when I began this journey, is that many malevolent BEings who look just like human BEings have been lying to the human race, feeding off our lower vibrating energies (fear, hate, anger, grief, sadness, etc. . . ) and have so abused us behind our backs all while acting like upstanding people to the world and to us while they take more than their fair share and laugh at us all behind our backs.

What I didn't realize about these malevolent BEings is that during the full moon cycle, they manipulate the magical energies of the Web of Life and use them against us and boy how they interfere with our lives. I was almost killed the first half of 2013. I was poisoned, chorded, had teeth cracked and broken, chording of my lungs, heart, kidneys, hip sockets (they love the kundalini energies here) and so much more. They still attempt to chord me to this day and anyone who assoicates with me but I have raised my vibration enough that they can not draw any life energy from me.

I left a 6 figure job in training back in 2008 and my means to make a living has been shut down by these malevolent BEings. The main reason I have shut down our Facebook page is because these folks continue to peruse our pages and our most frequent visitors to our page. I have complained to FB for years to have them do absolutely NOTHING. Our 37,000 audience doesn't get to 200 people on post anymore. I live a very frugal and meager life now. This is not what I planned to be doing at this stage of my life. I am not good asking others for help and the last 3 times I have reached out to help from the Pod Mates of Facebook, I have received ZERO donation.. I am not complaining as this is what I signed on for when I came into this incarnation. This is what I have been teaching on Whale Communicators and Heart Communicators for the past 5 years now. About using one's heart instead of their head (ego center) About being better people, about waking up from this illusion that we have been force fed is life. My main goal has been to assist the the human race in empowering themselves and opening up to their 6th senses and living life as a multidimensional BEing. This is where we are headed folks here shortly. A deep connection to the Web of LIfe and a strong relationship with our Creator are necessary traits we must embody to do this. And not the spiritual BS our leadership (they are marauders too) have force fed us. Formal religion in our world is a pack of lies as to what our Creator, who I choose to call God had in mind for us all. This is why I made the elearning DVD, Whale Communicators, the Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection to share this wisdom with others as to how to tap into your 6th senses and know your TRUTH. How to live from your heart and engage the magic of life upon the Web. Little did I know I was representing some really sick dark people like Mary Getten, Anne Gordon and Penelope Smith for starters. They all talk the talk beautifully and make money off appearing like they are good souls with the animals to the human race. Yet they are nothing what they represent themselves to be and can't even begin to walk their talk. I must tell you Pod Mates, when I first began being attacked in 2012 I didn't hear a word from these peeps if I needed help or assistant. Anne Gordon did send me $75 twice all while advertsiing her Cetacean Summit in early 2013 under Whale Communicators name while I was on the run and praying that I would live through thi. My 7 year old cat was not as fortunate as I was. And to say I was horried in late 2013 when Mary Getten came on FB to find that her friends were attacking me along with her and all the other "so called activists for the previous 4 years just about took the wind completely out of my sails. All our mutual friends were commenting on my things and on my personal page. I only wish she had brought this many sales to me after spending two years producing a DVD with her at the center. I was blown away to see her using the same tactics as the dark one who first began attacking us. Sierra Goodman. A friend of Mary's named Jennifer use to write me all the time asking for advice on Animal Communication. Little did I know that she and Mary were good friends and she just played me as all the others were doing as well. " I call these kind of peeps, shit stirrers - they just raise trouble and do nothing for the whales and dolphins. They are all about getting the lower vibrating energies worked up so that they can feed off them and create more fear, anger, hatred, sadness and bad vibes amongst the humans. They are one way to people's faces - especially if money is involved and quite another way when they show the other side of their face. Dark . . . I include them as marauders who can careless about the human race or the animals of our Planet let alone the Web of Life.bac

I made this elearning DVD with what I thought were professional people of the heart who taught others about the whales and dolphins (little did I know this field of whale and dolphins) was peppered with malevolent Beings; several on our DVD or who we promoted the first few years by me on our Facebook page. Between 2009 and 2012 I advertised a few of the following people and others decided they would advertise themselved under the Whale Communicators business to further their sales and without my permission. So please make note of these names - If you don't mind people with mislead the human race and are not what they represent to the world, who take advantage of good hearted people for their own personal gains, then you won't mind doing business with them in the future. The people I have represented to you as good people who speak with whales and dolphins but who acted like rotten children with a grudge are as follows in the order of what I feel is deception and self grandizing: Mary Getten, Anne Gordon of Panama, Penelope Smith, Teresa Wagnor (Sacred Swims & Animals in Our Hearts) Sierra Goodman (Divine Dolphin), Asia Voigth (advertised under our name on Google and YouTube with no exchange), Marta Williams (advertised under our name on Google and YouTube with no exchange) Laurie Renyon (advertised under our name on Google and YouTube with no exchange,, Cyndie Lepori (dolphin hugs 4 your), Dawn Newton (Contactee and author of I Saw a Mountain Move Today), Celeste Eaton, Douglas Webster, Madeline Walker (Whale Whisperer), Cordelia Brabbs (Madeleine's Editor and self professed healer), Jon Whale (Cordelia's alter ego), Joan Ocean, Linda Hess, Rick Pearson, Sharon Sargent, Linda Shay (Dolphin Heart School) and Joe Noonan (Dolphin Whisperer). I would not, could not and never will advertise or suggest these people to anyone again.

What I have found most interesting about these false light people. They don't care for victims although they make up the largest percentage of their paying audience. They are not deep hearted and deep rooted people. They are shallow and in ego and usually make fun of people who have been victimized and are in pain or veer as far away from them as possible (unless feeding off their grief and pain). I was blown away by a few of these woman and their comments about their clients. Hard hearted beings. I speak up about this now because we are being innundated by people who say they are healers and of the light and that we all must embrace the darkenss as well as the light within us all. And this is how they continue to do business and take down others in their way. We must speak up and we must let others know. Silence buys them more time to continue doing what they have always done. Taking advantage of others.

At the onset, I wanted to share with the human race what I had learned by coming into my 6th sense by starting with Mental Telepathy, our Universal Language which is also known as animal communication. Once I began talking and reconnecting to the Web of Life in this way, my third eye begin to open up as did all my 6th senses. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen over time with persistent and diligent work. The magic of life begin brimming as I had never experienced it to do in this lifetime. I learned from the whales that they were multidimensional BEings. I had never believed in ETs or that sort of thing before 2007. I listened to it but never gave it much thought or any credit. Once I began to talk to whales and dolphins, my whole world opened up to what was really happening here on our Earth and how deceived we humans have been throughout the ages. I began to share this on Whale Communicators Facebook Page and within 6 months began to be vicously attacked with what I would later learn was black magic and black sorcery. I had not idea this kinda crap existed in our world. The same energies I use to heal the planet and heal all BEings upon the Web of Life, they harnass during the full moon and use against the human race to keep us dummied down and silent so they can continue to manipulate us, the financial world, politics, the distribution of wealth in our world, etc . . . etc . . . etc . . . These dark ones are the Masters of Manipulation - this I know for sure. They are Masters of nothing else although they would like you to think they are. They have infilterated all formal religion with their black crosses, their dead Jesus on the Cross, using the words Lord and Christ for Jesus which actually this has people calling on dark demonic demi-gods these marauder's worship. They love to do blood sacrifice ceremonies and one of their favorite choice is drinking the blook of a child in full on terror. Sexual abuse of children is how they prefer to get these children to this fear state before they drink of their blood. They consider the human pineal or pituatary gland as a delicacy to eat. So get this??? What religion offers the body and blood of Christ to all its parishoners every Sunday and on every religious holiday??? Yes indeedy, the corruptable Catholic Church (where my education of God began). So every Sunday they, along with many other formal (marauder-made) religions - celebrate and empower their dark demi-gods with black magic and black sorcery by doing this body of Christ and wine (blood of Christ). Pod Mates, Christ is a name for their DEMONIC DEMI-GOD - Do you understand this - everytime you take the body or blood of Christ through are religious ceremony you are endorsing their demi-gods of the dark and you are selling your soul to them. This is not the true God of our World. This is a false God they have taught us all to fear. The Catholic church is still filled with pedophiles at the top and a mountain of secrets and wealth. This is why the world has not moved forward and so many humans have felt so stuck and trapped in this world like they just can't get ahead. Too many lies underneath it all and we as humans are Truth Tellers at heart. If you are human who has partaken of their blood ceremonies or sacrifices, you will have other lifetimes to make amends but you will not be here to celebrate the world as it was always meant to be.

I clear akashic records for the human race, so that they may wipe the slate clean from other lifetimes and begin to truly live and know who they are in this lifetime. The wisdom of all our lifetimes should be available to us in each and every lifetime. However these malevolent aliens in skin suits have done everything to supress our wisdom and keep us in a "stuck on stupid state" being fed all their reasoning and worst than this, believing it. I recently developed a class called Divine Truth so that each and every person can connect to God (or what ever name you use for this benevolent Source Energy and Creator of our Universe and know their truth and know how to discern for themselves. He or she will answer to whatever you call them and just want us for each and every human to know them like they were meant to be known. A kind, generous, loving and benevolent one who wants nothing but the greatest things possible for all his children. This divine truth course I teach allows you to always know the highest truth and you never have to go outside of yourself for your answers. You find the answers with God's assistance deep within. So basically you are bringing out the God from within.

However, the malevolent Beings wanted none of this and since they feed off the lower vibrations of the human race such as FEAR, ANGER, HATRED, SADNESS, GRIEF AND THE LIKES - These marauders have done everything within their powers to stop all this and rule with their evil crazy ways. These marauders include (listed in order of their nastiness (Reptilians aka Reptoids - a hybrid between a Grey alien and the reptiles. The grays wanted a hearty superior race to carry out their evil actions. We have the Annunakis aka the giants whose claim to fame is being from Nibiru. They usually call themselves by a name that starts with An or Ana or Annas. There are actually skeletons of these guys found on our Earth but our media (which is controlled by these dark ones) have made every attempt to hide this knowledge through their favorite brainwashing tool - aka TV - Television or the movie industry. Hollywood is peppered heavily with many humans who have sold their souls for their fame - quite literally. We also have a purebred group of Greys and another group known as the Archons (aka ankle biters) These souls are evil and have been given every chance to come clean and live in Unity Community on our Earth and within our Universe but they have ignored all warnings. I have often said, these manevolent BEings look just like you and me in human skin suits. But the are nasty shapeshifters who maniuplate anything and everything in their way. They are in full on ego and want the human race and Mother Earth to disentegrate unless they can have things their ways. LOSERS all of them.

The whales and dolphins have been talking for over 2 decades now that this energy was coming to our Planet regardless and the change would happen with or without them. Each human needs to find their connection to the Web of LIfe now and reestablish a very strong connection to Mother Earth and all life upon the Web. (animals, humans, minerals and plants) Very shortly here, we will never have to worry about these dark BEings again. All humans MUST re-establish a spiritual connection to our Source (I call our Creator a him and I call him God - you can use other names if you are not comfortable with this name and he understands how mislead and turned off by God so many humans have been throughout the ages) My advice is call on him or her often and develop your own spiritual relationship. You will not have an opportunity to continue on in this lifetime without a strong connection to the Web of Life and spritual relationship with Source.

The good news is, the dark ones who have been stealing human souls throughout the ages to get them to recycle into this world with no knowledge of their prior lifetimes and wisdom are all off planeted. We have a few straggelers who are being sought out as we speak. We have more than reached the tipping scales now. God told me 4 years ago that all humans who souls were stolen and/or who died in the lead up to this Ascension of Mother Earth would have a window of time where they could return to celebrate and live in the Heaven Upon Earth that is well underway. I love the way art imitates life. Why in the world would the TV show hire Marilyn Manson to be the evil soul stealer? Because when humans begin to awaken and realize what is going on, the dark ones will say to the enlightened one, "Where are you coming from? You watch to much TV, that was on Once Upon a Time last week and Manson was the evil soul stealer?" Hollywood and their writers have been lead by their noses by these dark forces. In essence they have sold their souls.

Get outside, the whole game has changed. There is a freshness that underlies all life now out in nature. Joy & Bliss are coming back strong. The chemicals and weather weaponry known as HAARP can no longer be used against the human race as these malevolent BEings have been doing to us for well over 5 decades now.

Once Mother Earth ascends we all will begin to ascend and become multidimensional BEings who literally will be opened up to the complete magic of life which was our divine birthright from the start but which has been manipulated by these dark ones for ages.

Many of these dark marauders have hidden out as healers in the fields of pscyho-therapists to keep tabs on the sensitives of our world and those who are utilizing their 6th senses. They feed off victims of abuse, these energies are a delicacy to them. So be very careful and discerning around the therapy realms within our world. God tells me 75% of all involved in the therapy fields are false light and work for the dark. They also have been great as hiding out in the role of Shamans. A role stolen from the indiginous folks of our Planet, misinterpreted and used against the human race for many decades as well. They can hide out and snatch souls much easier when people allow them to work on them to heal them. When in deed what they are doing is making portals into that humans body where they can get in and let other malevolent energies into this person to take over their souls. God tells me over 86% of all Shamans in our world today are FAKES.

BE DISCERNING Pod Mates, don't go to panic. Rise up now and take you place in our world. You definately are the change we see in our world. Bring that all forward. We need you in your best highest vibrating place now. In JOY, Happiness, Bliss and Peace. Work on your inner Planet and help us heal the outer Planet of all this darkness that has now been removed from our Planet.

The best thing you can do now to help move this all forward, is to spread rainbow healing colors and rainbow loving energy all over our Planet. Imagine it in your mind and color our world with the beautiful healing energy given to us now from Jesus - the Son of God (he does not go by Christ or by Lord) I repeat these are words invented by the dark ones to have us call upon their demonic/satanonic demi-gods. An orca named Granny that I have been communicating with for years has lots to say about the rainbow color healing energies.

We (my etherial team and I) have reached a huge point this week and we cleared all the dark ones off our Planet and out of our Universe. God has me doing more work for a short extended period of time to insure this all cements and happens as planned before we all reincarnated. Mother Earth is due to ascend any day now. She is finally ready and unchorded. Once Mother Earth ascends, the humans, who have been doing the work to raise their vibration, will ascend in short order. There will be a window of time for other humans to raise their vibration and ascend from there. And then there is always the possiblity of leaving this lifetime and just reincarnating in the next ones. However, as I have been shown time and time again in my Akashic Records practice. This is the best time EVER to be incarnated (the worst and the best) But the Heaven Upon Earth we are entering on Earth here - I promise you dear souls, you don't want to miss this for anything in the world. Being on Planet Earth is the best front row ticket in our Universe. Don't let it slip through your fingers. Work on your BEing and come from your heart for all things.

I want to give a special thanks to all the Way Shower, Healers and Front Runners of the benevolent kind who truly have a connection to God and the Web of Life. This has been one hell of a battle and the end of the malevolent rule is on its way in short order.

Much thanks to everyone. Please write to me at if you still need help clearing the darkness out of your life. Many are still getting residual dark energies attempting to stop them from doing the important work they came here to do for our Planet. I am getting more and more inquiries for House and Land Blessings as many are having troubles with these dark energies doing whatever they can to distract the human race from ascension. I have become an expert on outing these dark bast@rds and having the God-best thing done to stop their actions permanently and then filling all areas they contaminated with the most healing rainbow love energies. And for those who are just starting on their path of enlightenment or just building momentum and courage to step out more into this place we are just learning about and exploring, consider an akashic clearing as this will give you a clean slate upon which to build our new beautiful world around. Also to all you Healers out there, I have been called and had God confirm that I am a Healer's Healer. God has given me the gift (because of my personal spiritual work) to work with some of the most talented healers upon our Planet. If you are a healers and feeling stuck. Please come get an akashic record clearing, you will be blown away at how your healing skills advance and your memories of past lives and how you healed in other lives is all awakened.

The dark is majorly removed with less than 1% hiding like the cowards they are (but will be removed within days if not hours) the New World Order is sunk and a has-been dream by some dark dirty cowards. Heaven upon Earth is here to stay. Yay God!!!

Click here if you would like to help me continue to enlgihten and help other. I need your financial help now please, my means to make a living have been shut down between Facebook, GoDaddy (my 3rd webhost now), Apple (computer continually hacked for 4 years now, etc... Otherwise, I more than likely will be shutting this all down and having to find employment. I have one more month of summer and I can't live like this for much longer. I am tired from living out of my car for almost 2 years now doing this work for our world.I have worked long days and weekends now since 2008 and I am tired. I am especially tired of sleeping in my car and going without food and gas for more than a few days on end. I do this work helping raise awareness and especially off planeting these dark bastards from our Planet (not a job I wanted) for all of us upon the Web of Life each and every day. Your contribution will be wisely used and deeply appreciated and will keep me standing in my empowerment and doing what I have come here to do for myself, for God, for his son Jesus, and for the entire Web of Life minus all the dark malevolent Beings and for all other life on the Web: especially the humans because we have been so maligned and fooled. God told me that 66% of the human race is ALIEN malevolent races. Do you get that??? They leave our numbers here on earth at 36% so they can continue to feed off us and get us to bring in all the money for their money system to keep them in power. They treat their lower leveled associates in a slave position as well but with more perks than they give to the humans. There are alot of people in the human race who need healing and don't have the money. These same folks need to come fully into their 6th senses now and rise up and say no more. Just by standing in your power - you relieve them of theirs and make their existance useless in our world any longer. Your donation will help me to continue this work and to heal those who need to be healed and to step up to the plate now with their wisdom and knowledge of all the lifetimes they have lived. These marauders have been able to erase our memories of our past strength and wisdom and basically keeping us in a sleeping state or what I refer to as a 'stuck on stupid' state. I say this only because I have been here and I have them still serving up their black magic and fogging my head and memory.. I no longer have the resources to do free work. I am broke in $$$ but so very rich in Spirit. Thank you for discerning truth and acting upon it. And most of all, thank you for reaching out to me and seeing how you can help me help all of us humans to help move all life upon the Web forward.

One way to tell who is dark and who truly is working for the good of our Planet. The dark maruaders hate God - won't use his/her name or any other name assoicated with God. They hate Jesus too and all other figures from the biblical days. They will call on Arch Angels (who the Archons love to disguise themselves as). The talk about the I AM presence constantly. They talk about the Galactics, the Pleadians, Sirius, Ashtar, Lemurians, and Atlantis to distract everyone from their divine course - a life of joy, bliss, happiness and much less struggle in a world created and centered around Divine Truth and Justice for all humans and all benevolent BEings upon the Web of Life. They do this to distract your from your Divine Inherent Birthright - BEing fully in your 6th senses intuiting your own truth.

This world has a Divine Benevolent Source at the top, I call him God - and like I say earlier, he or she will show themselves to you by different names and forms. All of the highest vibration but he more than anyone else understands the mass confusion and manipulation that has played out here on Planet Earth and understands more than anyone if you have been mislead and turned off by formal religion on Planet Earth. Build your Spirit, live, love and learn how to just BE your magnifiscent self.

Also Facebook is one of the best vehicles for the dark ones to ride. FB is CORRUPT and if you are being attacked and chorded and use FB regularly - GET OFF IT. Dark Energies abound in Mark Zukerberg's playground and he seems to enjoy being the King of Chaos on his little thrown known as Facebook. Where else in our world does a man get voted Time Magazines

Thank you everyone for you grand contribution to the whole of the greatest event ever in our Universe. May all BEings be released from suffering. AND DON'T FORGET TO SING YOUR SONG AND SING IT OUT LOUD YOU BEAUTIFUL BENEVOLENT POD MATES OF THIS GRAND UNIVERSE.

~Anastasia Maria

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We have begun a heart-centered page where we will continue the messages of the whales and dolphins and we will have more discussion around other worldly BEings with 'Conversations That Are Changing the World'. Please join us here.

However, Whale Communicators and the incredibly wise messages of the whales and dolphins will remain for some time to come.


a conversation with a wise orca

"It is all an illusion. Health issues are an illusion with which these dark forces can play against you to get you into REAL FEAR. Your mortality in your face – your life line ending. It is all an illusion. You give it power with your mind and your actions around this information. Fear energetically brings it closer to you instead of moving it away from you.

The human race is so powerful yet the average human uses less than 32% of their abilities to walk in all realms here on your Planet. And most of your population upon Earth doesn’t even tap into these other realms and dimensions because they are embittered and hardened to the lies and manipulation of the seens and unseens".

Click Here for the full conversation between a very wise orca named Granny and Anastasia on March 17, 2104
    Welcome to Whale Communicators' Home Page. The whales and dolphins had a hand in the development of our web page as well as our elearning DVD. They are wonderful benevolent BEings to get to know on a personal and telepathic level. A deep relationship unlike anything you have experienced yet here on Earth will begin. The cetaceans, when asked, will help guide you to the very CORE of your BEing. This has been my experience as well as many others who have connected with the whales and dolphins on a very profound level. It is life changing for many. It has been my experience that they want to help the human race accellerate their persoanl and spiritual growth by assisting them in opening their hearts.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the energies of the whales and dolphins immediately . . . Click Here