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A conversation with Granny (a wise beautiful orca) and Anastasia Maria- Feb 16, 2013

My dear Anastasia, I am so proud of your efforts and your results. You have overcome so much fear throughout your lifetime but especially in recent months. We are so honored by the work you dedicate yourself to doing on behalf of Mother Earth. THANK YOU, we cannot THANK ALL OF YOU Pod Mates for your continued efforts with the water and land blessings. It is resulting in amazing changes you cannot even fathom in our world or upon Planet Earth at this time, but trust me, we all will be reminding you of this in times to come.


It takes our breath away in moments and we want you ALL to know, we celebrate you, we celebrate your lives, we celebrate your brilliance to remember who you truly are and to harness this empowerment and do make these wonderFULL changes on the waterway and landmasses of Mother Earth. You effect all of us when you do this - not just the whales and dolphins, all animals, all life forms, in this dimension as well as others. It is all interconnected and the healing and love you are applying to this situation now at this time of great evolution and change upon your Planet is invaluable to the ALL.

So much is happening on your Planet as the darkness (dark energies) upon the Planet and within the human race dies out. Everyone is playing their part out well. Even the dark ones are giving us a good look at the duality of your Planet as they are dying out and leaving one by one by one. So please we ask all of you who are willing continue with the blessings and for those who have the knowledge, please continue with off planeting the dark energies and sending them onto their next resting places via your spirit world connections.

As you know first hand Anastasia, the fracking and fracturing of Mother Earth continues at an accelerated rate upon your Planet and upon the coastlines of all countries. Please include within your water blessings the dire need to bless these waters that are being fracked and brought up from the depths of Mother Earth at a most accelerated rate. Especially bless & imube these waters with the highest purest love and with loving healing and rejuvinating energies. She needs our assistance right now - many times a day. This not only imbues the waters but it helps to heal Mother Earth from this tremendous intrusion of her body.

Anastasia, I want to remind everyone of what you were told long ago by the Spirit World about the dark energies. The dark energies have always been around on your Planet. They create havoc in human race as well as all BEing upon your Planet. It is not that the human form is BAD - it is that the human form has lost its way in many cases and because of the methods that humans use to break from their reality, (drinking, over eating, drugging, denial, disengagement from life, disconnection from the Web of Life, sex addictions, sugar addictions, etc . . . there are so many ways the humans have found to disconnect from their authentic BEings. This break from reality and from within yourselves causes breaks in your aura (your energy fields) and when these stresses and breaks began to happen this is a inviting way for the dark energies to come into your energy field (uninvited) and take you off your path and create havoc - however big or small that the BEing allows this energetic opening to stay open.

These days and the rapid incoming of these new, powerful & purer light energies are making this duality more apparent than ever before on your Planet. It is much more noticable in the human race. Not everyone at this time will go on in time with your Planet. The dark can no longer survive for us to move into the new energies that are entering your Universe and that will prevail upon your Planet and within our Universe for ions of time now.

There is no right or wrong in the world of Spirit. There just is. Everyone is allowed to experience what they choose to experience. The judgement comes from the human race and what you have been taught and what you have bought into as TRUTH on your Planet.

The humans who are doing the work and moving your Planet forward will continue to assist her in this grand evolution throughout their lifetime now here on our Planet. Those that choose the roles of housing the darkness have been incredibly brave in showing us all duality. But the tides have changed and the darkness has lost, getting weaker and weaker by the very minute. Thank them for showing us dark from light and the duality of our World and ask them to leave now.

We thank all of you for you contribution and we invite more and more of you to join in and bless the waterways and the Planet and continue to bless the waterways of you internal Planet and your internal (land masses) so to speak. We are all one and it is all a reflection of the inner and outer Planets.

Choose wisely in the days and weeks to come and keep purging and keep cleansing and please keep blessing the waters and landmasses of both the external Planets and your internal Planets. BIG CHANGE IS in the making now.

We love you (I speak for Cetacean Nation now) We see how difficult these times have been for many. We thank you for you roles and we especially thank the ones that are turning our world over. We will meet in the future and we will tell you one on one of our great admiration and respect for you services to our Planet.

Keep up the great work. We all love you from this side.


Granny visiting me in the forrest
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