Message from the Beluga Whales Trapped in Hudson Bay


Anastasia: Hello my dear beautiful beings, my name is Anastasia and I communicate with whales and dolphins and bring your wisdom and knowledge to humans who are interested in what you have to say. I had a woman who loves cetaceans write me today about you being stuk under the ice in Hudson Bay and asked me to speak with you. Do you have a message I can take back to our human pod?

Belugas: We know who you are and we are honored that you give us a forum to talk to the human race. We love you all so much. We don't like to see you hurting and concerned for us in this situation. We are doing this to raise awareness for you. To allow you to see your greatness as we see your greatness. To allow you the freedom to be all you came here to be instead of being stuck and lead and confused about how wonderful and truly powerful each and every one of you are.

Some of you will cry out - They are going to die, you have to stop this. What you humans don't understand that is the larger picture of life here that is playing out. This is just a blink of an eye. We all might very well die right here and now but in another dimension we will reappear almost immediately. We may change form, we may choose to be belugas again or maybe even a big whale, like our ancient friends the Bowheads. Life and death are two very natural parts of multidimensional living. It is not the BE all and END all that you have learned as humans. It is just merely the blink of an eye and the beginning of something very new.

What we would want to tell you humans is this. Don't get stuck on the death and dying part of life. It is the impetus for great things to come. It is the beginning of a new cycle of life. It should be celebrated not heart ripping. It should be admired and envied as a new adventure to fulfill. Not as a end to not so great significance on your Earth. Our life here has been wonderful, we have shared many things with many beings and many of our own kind here. What we want to share with you humans, is quit limiting yourselves. Quit thinking so small - quit thinking that death is the end.

Death is the beginning of all life. It is the start of true living. Let your mundane lives die now. Dig deep within using all your resources to find your hearts desires - dig deep - find what makes you happy. Find what brings you true JOY every minute of every hour for every day you are able to walk or crawl on this earth. And when you run out of things that make you find complete happiness, then consider moving onto another dimension and truly leaving that human body of yours - but don't even consider this until you have truly LIVED - until you have truly known Bliss and Happiness. For now very few of you have truly lived. You have been blinded by your leaders, your financial institutions, your governments, your health care institutions, your food chain providers, your pharmacies, etc… etc… along with all your limitations that you put upon yourself that is. . . if you don't allow someone else to put them upon you first.

Humans on Planet earth are so limited by their beliefs and what they have been told is truth. Truth is you have not lived until you let the old ways die. Until you find your own inner truths instead of believing what others tell you your truth is.

So what I want to say to all of you. Let is all die - the lies, the mistruths, the misconceptions of how little and insignificant you truly are. Let that DIE now and allow yourselves to truly live . . . Like you have never EVER lived before.

Find JOY in your journey, find your own truth through your deep connection to the Web of Life and especially your deep connection within yourself. Don't let your employers, your churches, your leaders, etc. . . tell you how you should be. Go into you heart and find time to BE still and ask you heart what makes you Joyfilled, Blissful and truly Happy. And then go do that. That would be a great start if every human let the old ways DIE now. Begin a new dimension for yourself and begin it now.

Just like that in a blink of the eye.

Do you dare? Why not, what have you truly got to lose beside JOY & Bliss-filled Happiness?

That is what we want to tell you - BE your wonderful selves and be happy and loving to yourself and all other living things here on our Planet. That is the wisdom I would like to share with you today.

And if we die here under the ice, know in your hearts that we have truly lived following our bliss and joy and that in a blink of an eye we will reappear somewhere else within this beautiful Universe looking for new ways to have more joy and bliss. Won't you join us? If you really want to help this situation with us under the ice - then follow our advice, let the OLD you die and find a new way of BEing in the remainder of this lifetime.

And then you will give us great reason to sing about you in the oceans for ions of time. Brave pioneers on the road to happiness making great changes on a Planet that so needs to be rebirthed and transformed. That is what would make us happier than anything else. That you understand the bigger picture here and do not remain stuck any longer in small thinking. Remember how grand and powerful you are and empower yourself by startingfirst within your own hearts. EXPAND.

We love you so! We want you to love you as much as we do.

~the Belugas communicating to Anastasia Maria of Whale Communicators


For video on trapped belugas go here-

NOTE: The polar bears are being forced to find their food in areas they haven't hunted before. Their territories continue to be encroached upon and they continue to have to seek food elsewhere. This is what happens in the animal kingdom when humans continue down these pathways. The animal kingdom has a way of exchanging lives for food, it is a part of their make up and a part of their connection to the Web of Life. They ask the other animals if they can take their lives. Just like our indigineous people use to do when they would hunt animals for food. But humans have erased this connection they once had to the Web of Life for money, for the love and game of hunting. They brought in slaughter houses and let go of the sacred practices of the Web of Life. In fact they erased the Web of Life and pretended it never existed. It is the humans who need to Wake Up and open their eyes. This is not a horrible thing in the animal kingdom, it is agreed upon amongst these beings. It is a trade off because of the conditions mankind have put them in. Nothing more nothing less. Use your hearts and raise awareness and let this practice of slaughtering our animals for food on our tables without asking their permission first stop. Remember your connection to the Web of LIfe or get reaquainted with it. That is the place to start along with using your hearts instead of your brains (egos). Return Planet Earth to the heart planet it was always intended to be. Not this zoo and quest for more money, more stuff, more food MORE MORE MORE. This planet has plenty of everything for every person upon it, but we have to honor the Web of Life and quit exhausting all her resources. ~Anastasia


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