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Whaling Has Never Served Our World . . . EVER






Since I began Whale Communicators and speaking with animals, it was within months of learning the telepathic language - Our Universal Language - Mental Telepathy - aka Animal Communication that I was shortly thereafter began speaking with other worldly BEings coming to me for conversations about how things are here on Earth and within our Universe. I kept quiet about it the first few years only telling a few people. But from the get go, the whales and the Spirit World have shown me how Whaling was invented to keep the human race in fear about thier killing. Our leaders at the time observed the great love humanity had for the whales and the apparent changes within people when they came into contact with these huge benevolent BEings. They could see the healing effects the whales had on humanity. So killing them was a great way to keep the human race in panic, fear, pain and grief over their senseless killings.

If you are still buying these products with whale in them, then you are still a part of the problem and not a part of the solution yet. We need you on this side. Singing your song to others not to do this. Do this peacefully - from your heart - Hatred and anger only begets more of the same. It's a new day and it is going to take a new way to roll this all over.

Here are some products that come from whales. If you are buying any of these products these days - Please make sure they do not use whale products: makeup; inparticular, lip stick, shoe polish, soap, car wax, perfume, transmission fluid and margarine are some of the products. The Right Whale and Sperm Whale give the most products.

What Products Come from Whales?
Whales are very huge animals that serve a purpose for humans. Animal right activists do not agree with others in taking whale blubber but it makes oil that is used for lamps and lubricants.

What products come from sperm whales?
Spermaceti, obtained primarily from the spermaceti organ, and sperm oil, obtained primarily from the blubber in the body are the two main reasons why sperm whales were hunted by humans.

We need to be better guardians, ambassadors, and emmisaries for our cetaceans by taking a look at those who represent them. Are all the leaders of this industry and the non profits above reproach and doing EVERYTHING they can to save the whales. If they are, which so many troubadors have done for ages and ages, then they won't mind me shining the light on this their financial statements and disclose how much money they take in a year, how much they spend on the whales and their quest to save them, how much money the CEOs make in this organization.

To those who may not be operating on the up and up, we need to shine a light on them if they are not doing this all in the name of the whales and dolphins. Making a living too is okay. But being wealthy and spending less than 50% of what you take in on the whales and dolphins to put back into saving them in all ways possible is deplorable in my opinion- How much money are these organizations putting into the whales and dolphins and how much are they putting into their pockets? We need to start asking these not-for-profit companies - how much money is coiming in and how much is going out and what are you spending the money you keep on? The whales and dolphins or your standard of living? If they are not willing to post and show the world what they are doing with the money they are making off the whales and dolphins as a Non Profit - then you need to question. And if they are a Corporation or Organization who does make money for their business, I think some sort of breakdown would be wonderful for all your loyal donators and followers through the years.

We need humans with high standards for life and the cetaceans to be representing these benevolent truthful wise BEings going forward. We need truth and transparency around the whales and dolphins breaking down the old walls and barriers invented to intimidate and keep people away in fear of being belittled or badgered for having these opinions. All the while while the slaughter or imprisonment of our beloved cetaceans goes on daily around our world. It is the way the bully system has operated throughout our history. They take in alot of money and then they will raise their voice, change their tone to a very low vibrating level, sometimes stomp theirr feet, intimidate and put fear into those who dare speak up. Cowardly behavior which is what bullying is all about. This is the way they have silenced the majority of people throughout history. Bullying, threats and intimidation. Do you know anyone like this? Thank goodness you are now wise enough to realize that these people are not leaders we should be following.

The whales and dolphins have this ability to reflect this beautiful tranparency about life and living. . . Can these heros & leaders who are saving our whales and dolphins stand up to the scrutiny? I hope so and I hope even more so that you look into this deeper for your TRUTH and then take action as needed using your heart first and foremost and going forward and bringing to our Planet what only your heart and soul can vocalize. I encourage you to sing your heartsong about the whales and dolphins.. All our leaders need to be able to stand up to scutinty these days and their reactions will be very telling. Are they using their heart or using anger and intimidation??? All food for thought and needs to be filtered through our hearts for truth.

Our whales and dolphins are depending on all of us to do the right things going forward. All of humanity depends upon it too.

~Anastasia Maria anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

Whales and dolphins are multidimensional BEings. They can travel through time and space. If whales and dolphins wanted to keep themselves from being killed, have you ever thought how easy it would be for them to move themselves to a higher dimension to avoid death. This is part of their participation in the grand awakening of the human race. Yet, many activists I have found are not benevolent human BEings. They are malevolent BEings just trying to cause immense upset and emotional upheaval in the human race. WHY? Because when you are in this place you cannot and will not ascend and then their free energetic meals from you are no longer an option for them and their survival.

Wnat to have a longer conversation with me about this? Reach out to me in an email and we will consult on this topic. You can reach me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com and I will make arrangement to Skype your or call you. So please leave me Skype address or phone number for this important conversation around the whales and dolphins and sharing ways how we can better represent them in our world.

My consultation fee is $111 an hour for this topic (remind me during our call) I will bill in 15 minute increements for a conversation if you don't need the whole hour to converse with us. Thank You ~Anastasia




Let's Set Their Hearts and Souls free . . .

and save our own in the process - what a concept!!!



Words can kill a person's spirit - please pick and use your words whaley wisely ❥♡❥♥ྀ°☆♥☼♡❥♡❥♡ ☮☆❥♡❥

All killing has to stop.