Dear Pod Mates:

I am on the road again working with Mother Earth to help her ascend. I knew 5 years ago that I would be one of the forerunners for ascension, I was just to shy about telling anyone the information I was getting telepathically and I was discouraged by a few people who I use to respect.. I had no idea how tied to Mother Earth my own ascension would be.

Since being viciously attacked since Dec 2012, I have lost one of my cats to death from the same kind of attacks and lost my home and over half of my belongings. I didn't want the job of off planeting the Dark Ones in our world, but found that God was giving me the go ahead to do the work for our world. I have taken so many risks and lost so much over the past few years for all of humanity and the Web of Life. I hope and pray that whoever reads this now hears my cry for help and comes to my aid as I have done for each and every human being upon our Planet for over 19 months now.

I am being harassed still by the dark ones who came at us on Facebook, dark ones upon our initial DVD team, and dark ones in the industry who tried to not only take me down, but I believe to kill me. My business $$$ have come to a standstill because no one sees our posts anymore. WE have a following of over 27,000 but only 100-200 are allowed to see our posts now. I just discovered our Heart Communicators website isn't even listed in Google, Bing, Etc. My emails are still being hacked, my computer (5 years going now) as well as our Facebook Account. I have 3 videos in the work giving details of so much of this garbage the dark marauders continue to hand out to me because they hate that I not only psychically see the truth but they can't stop me from telling the world what I know.

When posting to our Heart Communicators Website yesterday, I got a message that for security reasons I wasn't being allowed to post the post I was doing. It finally went after a few more tries. All my accounts are being filtered by our government and other organizations like google, gmail, godaddy etc... I still have Black Ops Helicopters flying over me in just about every state I make it to. It no longer send me to fear as it did when the first appeared over my garden while I was working 5 years ago. It makes me laugh that they go to such extremes to upset me. I am so broke it is not funny as my means to make a living has been cut off via Facebook, my computer and emails.

I am seeing incredible progress with Mother Earth and she is so close now to ascending. I asked for donations while in Kentucky in July to assist me with gas so I could run the energy along the Atlantic coast and heard from NO ONE so I skipped the trip and went back to a state where I knew some people that would put me up for a short time.

Each day when I get out and do 1-9 hours of energy work on Mother Earth; I do this not only for my self & the Web of Life; but for every single BEing upon the Web of Life, including you. Pod mates, I need financial assistance to finish this up. I need a tank of gas, 2 quarts of oil and food immediately. Please give up your Starbucks for month or your desserts for a month, your steaks, or your alcohol and send me some much needed aid for my work on the Planet. I am asking for the bare essentials for myself. Please hear my call for support from you now.

I have 3 videso in the work but continue to be harrased with housing arrangements and attacks by the dark (not only on me but on those around me) that I keep being uprooted and having to struggle to just survive with a roof other than my car over my head. By the way (I am back in the car now)

Please hear my cry out for help in my time of need. I do this healing work daily for all of us. Your donation is much needed and hard earned. Thank you for hearing my heart call for $$$ assistance ~Anastaia email - anastasia@whalecommunicators on PayPal where you can add the money directly to my account. And I am putting up a donate button on this page as well but my links keep being broken by someone hacking my computer and FB account.

I NEED YOU NOW . . . this i struly my hour of need. Please hear my call. Thank You

If the donate button does not work, you can go directly to and donate to the account.

Thank you immensely,



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We have begun a heart-centered page where we will continue the messages of the whales and dolphins and we will have more discussion around other worldly BEings with 'Conversations That Are Changing the World'. Please join us here.

However, Whale Communicators and the incredibly wise messages of the whales and dolphins will remain for some time to come.


a conversation with a wise orca

"It is all an illusion. Health issues are an illusion with which these dark forces can play against you to get you into REAL FEAR. Your mortality in your face – your life line ending. It is all an illusion. You give it power with your mind and your actions around this information. Fear energetically brings it closer to you instead of moving it away from you.

The human race is so powerful yet the average human uses less than 32% of their abilities to walk in all realms here on your Planet. And most of your population upon Earth doesn’t even tap into these other realms and dimensions because they are embittered and hardened to the lies and manipulation of the seens and unseens".

Click Here for the full conversation between a very wise orca named Granny and Anastasia on March 17, 2104
    Welcome to Whale Communicators' Home Page. The whales and dolphins had a hand in the development of our web page as well as our elearning DVD. They are wonderful benevolent BEings to get to know on a personal and telepathic level. A deep relationship unlike anything you have experienced yet here on Earth will begin. The cetaceans, when asked, will help guide you to the very CORE of your BEing. This has been my experience as well as many others who have connected with the whales and dolphins on a very profound level. It is life changing for many. It has been my experience that they want to help the human race accellerate their persoanl and spiritual growth by assisting them in opening their hearts.

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