I was a victim of child abuse. My mother was a raging narcissist who thought nothing of slapping me in the face, using a belt or wooden spoon on me if she was really mad or ridiculing me and needing to make me feel degraded. Even her use of harsh words did immense emotional harm. It had a tremendous effect on my self esteem and me knowing my own truth and being able to discern it.

I found my way back from a excruciating mothering by finding myself in the Spriit World and by increasing my connection to the Web of Life and all life upon her.When I began clearing Akashic Records, I found a sense of self and a tool that I believe is invaluable to everyone upon the Web of Life.

I developed this Divine Truth class to give others (who do or do not have the tools) of absolute Divine Truth. You will never to ask someone outside of yourself for your answers EVER again. You will know each and every time you are connected to our Creator (I call him God but he/she asnwers to many names and I will repsect this with each and every one of you - just let me know what you prefer to call our Creator).

This valuable tool will lead to so many other possiblities and advancements in your own life. Thank you for gifting yourself with such an empowering tool. You will take your power back adn excel in life like you have never yet known was possible. ~Anastasia

Divine Truth - this is an intensive course on how to find your Divine Truth and know when you are connected to God (Source, the Great Almighty, whatever you choose to call our Creator of all things good). You will need to know how to use a pendelum to get your yes and no answers as a precursor for this course. And from there, the world is your oyster and the gems of wisdom that you will receive will be beyond what you ever thought possible. I will teach you how to connect with God, secure our connection And how to find answers for your life, for those in our life, to clarify situations and meanings in our world. How to find the value of connectioning with people and situations in your life. How to know when you are around dark people who are so good at getting us humans off our path. How to know when a situation is ideal for you to follow your path. This will heighten your intuitive abilities and allow you to only seek your answers from within and to quit needing others to help you find your truth. This class is designed to get you to be your own guru and not have to seek your answers outside of yourself.

We will meet initially for 1.5 - 2 hours. You will get a booklet to show you everything you need to do. From here we will have 2 follow up sessions for answers to all your questions and to ensure you that you are on your way to getting all your own answers. $375 for the course.

Follow Ups to test your accuracy throughout the year or when you are having tough spots are $15

Have you ever considered an Akashic Record Healing? It is a powerful healing like no other.

Akashic Record Clearings

Akashic Records 1

Akashic Records 2


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