BE the change you want to SEE in this world. ~Ghandi


It makes an immense amount of difference to all BEings who live in the water wehn we take time to sit and pray, meditate, send healing reiki energies, or spend this moment in whatever way you choose to celebrate and uplife Mother Earth and all her land masses, waterways, planets, animals and minerals. Not just the whales and dolphins. And it takes as little as 5 mintues a day.

If you are nt sure what we are talking about. It can look like the following:

"I call upon, Source, my high self, the angels, ascended masters, ancient ancestors, spirit guides, animal guides, recent ancestors, all light BEings, Star Beings, all of Cetacean Nation in the etheral world or on Planet EArth to join me as I imbue the waterways and land masses with LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, HOPE, COMPASSION, RENEWAL, REBIRTH, REGROWTH AND MORE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. See the water shining with crystals of all these wonderful energies. See the rain and precipitation from the skies imbued as well - showering their wonderful blissings all over mankind and enveloping our cetaceans and our ocean life in the warmest fuzziest blanket of Love. Invision people hearts opening wide as this is happening -

And SO IT IS Pod Mates ღ¸☆´♥☮ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ☮♥♡❥´´¯`•☆.¸¸. ི♥ྀ ><(((*>♥

Last year in Washington state we had a fantastic salmon run. They said it was like it use to be back in the early 60s. I asked Granny if this was God's way of helping the whales and all life in the ocean. I was shocked yet not really surprised to have Granny respond, "This is because of the work you are doing and so many others around the world blessing the land and waterways of our world. Nature is thrilled and reflecting this back to you and to us, the recipients. Thank You, please keep it up and share with others to do the same. ~Granny conversing with Anastasia in Fall of 2013