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The Power of Our Thoughts and Our Actions . . .

What are your INTENTIONS for OUR WORLD?

if you would like to send me a comment about what you are doing for our world. I will consider it for posting on this web page. Thank you for sharing what you are doing to move our incredible Mother Earth and our Universe forward. Email this to me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com - Thank You

Dolphin Water Crystal - The dolphins are gathering center in this water crystal.

This is one of Dr Emotos water crystals. The intentions were imbued into this water and then the water was flash freezed and put on a slide to view under the microscope. This is what appeared when dolphins were applied to this theory. I LOVE THIS!

  Daily land and water blessings. The cetaceans tell us it makes a tremendous difference for them in the these waterways when they are imbued with Love, Peace, Compassion, etc. . . They feel your intentions and it carries them on their journey and within their work lighting up the Web of Life. They are the TRANSFORMERS of this Web of Life. Their work is SOOOO Important. Help them HELP us all.

If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Masuara Emoto,and his incredible research on water crystals then you will need to research his work now and feed your heart and soul. You will know this information on a deeper level. It will resonate with you if you are a transformer and here to work with Mother Earth. You won't ever look at water the same. it will change you in some way shape or form. It has changed the way I live my life now and how I treat this precious lifeforce of our Planet. ~Anastasia Maria

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  Everything upon the Web of Life is connected . . . through water and through their own root systems. . . EVERYTHING



Positive energy corresponds/responds to Positive energy.
Negative energy corresponds/responds to Negative energy.


Human consciousness can go through anywhere
Good water can go through anywhere
Good music can go through anywhere
The combination of the 3 of them can cure anything.

For all our Podners who are blessing the water and land masses daily upon our Planet. This is an article you all must read it will inspire you and your water blessings . Click Here to read notes from one of Dr Emoto's workshops

Even storm systems can be vastly improved and even completely dissapated or transformed through the love of water and continued water and land blessings.

So when it storms, get outside and begin calling to the heavens and to your Spirit Guides and your cetacean armies and ask them to help you imbue and energize all this beautiful energy that is being transformed upon our Planet - NOW at this time in our history.






The Wonderment of Water and the God Consciousness

  "Humanity needs to supply this Love into the Grid or Network. Negative emotions destroy the gridwork. Confusion, violent thoughts terrorize the Planet. Focus on the Grid. Add to and energize the Grid. The Grid is amplified by Water- on all levels of [Water’s] being: elemental, emotional, consciousness, awareness. The ‘Plasma’ [they are showing me plasma is the substance that holds the grid’s energy together] is activated by utilizing and plugging into the grid of Water. Touch, taste, listen, be near Water to amplify. Humanity is behind in supplying the Grid with Love. Has been supplying with Fear.

Amplify [your] Human love with Water to catch up, accelerate, and learn from us. If you can swim with us, you can learn and be with us. We would love that! Imagine yourself being able to swim fast and strong with us. To understand our clicks and calls, our songs that unites us. Imagine having the power of an Orca! And the power of an Orca in community with other Orcas!! Powerful infused by Love. Grace and God/dess in Action. This energy draws others into your swirling Vortex and helps them heal and transmute and change.”


For more information on water blessings, Click here


For a recording of a water blessing with Whale Communicators, Anastasia Maria, Click here.


Tapping into the magic of life is not something that is allowed to a few people on our Earth. It is every person's Divine Birthright. For more information on developing your telepathic skills (via animal communication)thus strenghtening all your sixth senses, please visit our elearning page for more information on how to do this. We want to empower you to find your own answers, you do not need someone else feeding you all the answers - you are so powerful within.Tap into the magic of life now by strenghtening your connection to the Web of Life. http://www.whalecommunicators.com/dvd.html



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photo by Atmoji of wildquest.com